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A Guilt Free Snowy Sunday

Finally…I can sit guilt free on a Sunday afternoon. Doing nothing but watching reruns of my favorite shows and the flickering of the flames on the electric fireplace. The unexpected snowfall on a lazy Sunday afternoon makes the perfect excuse to do nothing. After all the roads are slippery and you really shouldn’t be driving.

Wishing For Snow

Phoebe was hot.  Phoebe was fast.  She was the ticket for anyone who could catch her.  No piker, Phoebe always looked swell, all decked out in her bells and whistles for a trip to paradise. Best of all, she was a reliable date.  A steady.  Though I never met Phoebe, how I wish I had. 

Woolx finds the North Pole…..

For you nonbelievers it truly exists! Yes Santa IS my neighbor.    I’ve lived in the North Pole for the last 19 years.  Having been an assistant Alaskan Hunting guide and Charter boat Captain I can appreciate great gear.  I have guided in the rain forests of south east Alaska to the southern Books Range and

Sole on Ice

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” thundered Thomas Paine in the first chapter of Common Sense.  The souls he was referring to, or course, were the American Revolutionary type, in particular those fellows who had just retreated rather ignominiously into the wilds of the Pennsylvania border country in order to escape (narrowly) the

Snoozing In

I’m a snoozer. I know everything you read that tells how to get a good nights sleep says hitting that snooze button is a no no, but I just can’t help myself. That alarm goes off and I instinctively reach over, knocking a few things of the nightstand in the process, and smack that snooze

Santa’s on the run in Binghamton New York

Nearly 900 runners braved 20-degree temperatures to take part in Binghamton’s third annual Santa Run on December 12th. The 5K race through Binghamton’s historic downtown started in 2011 as New York State’s first Santa Race. Proceeds from the event benefit Make-A- Wish of Central NY and St. Johns School. Participants are encouraged to run in

The Doors of Imagination

Often when confronting unsettling moments our lives, we tend to think of Rod Serling and his now iconic science fiction series on TV.   The opening of his well-known Twilight Zone featured many objects including a clock, a window, and a suspended door.  This was not the first time a door was used for this purpose.

The Apples of my Eye

One of the curious features of the late autumn landscape is the abundance of untouched food.  Fields of soybeans, corn, or oats may leap to mind, but the fields of this tasty treat seem to be the last people think of.  Yet, there it is.   Or, rather, there they are.  Drive any country road in