Monthly Archive:: February 2014 Takes a first look at the Woolx Merino Wool Base Layers

Sean McCoy from put the Woolx Merino Wool Base layers to the test. Read his review here on  

Woolx Merino Wool Hoodie Reviewed on North East Hikes

I think Our Woolx Merino Wool Ultimate Hoodie is a work of art! I finally got one after our final shipment came in and I have to say it has turned into one of my most worn outerwear pieces. Of course since I helped design it I am a bit biased 🙂 So to get

Week 8 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

Well it was definitely an off week. I was down 341 steps a day on average and I missed my goal of 10,000 steps on Sunday. First day I missed my goal in over 38 days! The other days I just made the 10,000 steps a day and didn’t go over 11,000 steps except for

Woolx Merino Wool Hoodie Review from does a review of our Ultimate 100% Merino Wool Hoodie! One of our favorite products in the line. Read the review here:

Week 7 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

More snow! Week 7 of getting fit at 50 with Woolx included snow, snow, and more snow! What a winter this has been. Thanks to my Woolx, as I write this, I am on a 37 Day streak of 10,000 steps a day! Going from doing very little to walking 5 miles a day since

To Fetch a Pail of Byzantine Water…Woolx In Istanbul

              The line to get in is long but at least it is moving, a determined stretch of curious winter-clothed tourists along a solid, tall wall covered by yellow-beige plaster.  Voices ebb and flow in various languages from the patient crowd, their banter competing with the street cacophony of

Layering To Stay Warm During Outdoor Activities…Video Post

One of the rules to staying warm during your outdoor activities is to layer your clothing. Layering to stay warm is probably one of the most basic rules for gearing up for outdoor activities. It allows you to have some versatility for changing weather conditions and is essential for proper moisture movement to stay dry

Walkin with the Wild Women Woolx Midweight Womens X-Plorer review

Gretchen Steele from Walkin with the Wild Women reviews our Woolx midweight Women’s X-Plorer. Read what she thought about it here:  

Snowy Week 6 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

WOW! That’s about all I can say about week 6 of Getting Fit at 50 with Woolx. We had it all here in NY this week. Winter storm Nika blasted us with 15″ of snow, temperatures dipped to -9 below, and just as we got dug out of that, a little Sunday snowstorm dropped 3″

One Month of Getting Fit At 50 With Woolx

A week ago I finished one month of my getting fit at 50 with Woolx commitment. I just thought I would do a quick post of some statistics of my first month. I was surprised at some of the numbers!         STEPS 318,110 ACTIVE TIME 51hr 42m DISTANCE 161.8 Miles CALORIES BURNED