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Woolx Heads Towards Iran

At precisely 10:30 pm on a soft evening in May when the wind, for once, wasn’t blowing in Baku, the train to Lankoran, Azerbaijan, pulled out.   Weeks of preparation for this trip south finally reached culmination, giving us a great sense of accomplishment even before the train had left the station.  The old ex-soviet carriage

Safe Summer Fun For Pets

My family and I decided to go out the other night to grab a bite. My oven nor my grill was turning on that night. The humidity reached 110 percent!  So we went to a local pizza shop. Upon arrival, we heard barking from a car. I quoted” That better not be a dog left in a

In the Arena with Woolx

It was with great interest that I follow Brian’s “Getting Fit at 50” Exercise Program.  The essential ingredient in any fitness regimen is dedication.  Dedication is a close relative of perseverance.  The exercise programs of many are strewn with the wreckage of best-laid plans as both dedication and perseverance vanish into thin air.  For a

The Latest Craze

  I’ve always considered myself a risk taker, a dare devil of some sort. I’m always up for a good challenge! However, The Latest Craze, Portaledge, I might pass on! In case you haven’t heard of it yet, it’s the newest craze of camping out on a ledge after your rock climb. Just pitching a

Horses Heal

You all have heard about the healing powers of dogs or even cats, but did you know that horses heal too? Many stables are offering therapy riding for handicap persons, mentally challenged individuals, and children with behavioral issues. These services are providing amazing results. Soldiers and Prisoners are also successfully participating in equestrian therapy. Horses

Why Wool is a Mothers Best Friend

Being a mother of three I often ask myself looking back if I’d have done some things differently when it came to raising my kids or the products I used. My answer is Absolutely!  I consider myself a young, hip mother, so I’m not completely out of date when it comes to baby or kid items.

What Bit Me?

Summer weather brings out all the unwanted summer bugs, and the bugs bring the bites! You’re left wondering , What Bit Me? For your reading and viewing pleasure here is a list of the most common bugs and their annoying bites, accompanied with some home remedies. The Wasp is the most feared bug of them all.

The Top 5 National Parks for Wildlife

There are so many gorgeous national parks to mention but these Top 5 National Parks for Wildlife are my favorite. A trip to a national park can be fun, memorable, and one of the best trips of your lifetime. Now throw in the beauty of nature’s creatures in their own environment, that’s worth way more than any amusement