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Tips to Get Your Kids To Exercise

Most adults consider Summer to be the perfect time to get outside, take advantage of the weather, and engage in outdoor activities and exercise. But Summer for kids, now that’s a different story. Summer vacation for kids can mean late nights, sleeping till noon, eating unhealthy meals, no eating schedules, and lack of exercise. Many

Fun on the Water

Heading out on Vacation anytime soon? Not quite sure what to do with your time? If you’re a water person these great water activities might be for you. Here’s a list of some great Fun on The Water ideas for  your next summer excursion. Paddleboarding: A great way to enjoy the water while standing up

Headlong into Iran

The border at Astara lay behind us.  Ahead, only Iran.  Our driver and guide, Masood, an energetic young man who looked as if he could be a student in any American college, laughed at our enthusiasm.  Having Americans to drive across the Iranian landscape was something rare for any guide.   In Masood’s case, he’d only

What’s That Smell?

Being a mother of 3, and with all my sons involved in sports, I come across a lot of stinky garments in my home. You’ve never smelled gross until you’ve smelled a teenager’s active wear, it’s enough to make your eyes water. Recently I had the privilege of playing What’s That Smell! It was a

Video Review of the Woolx 100% Merino Wool Lightweight T-Shirt

A nice video review of the Woolx Lightweight T-Shirt.

Woolx 100% Merino Wool Lightweight T-Shirt Review

One of our favorite reviews on Woolx 🙂 Checkout Arizona Wanderings review of the lightweight Woolx T-Shirt here:

Woolx Hikes New Hampshire

Wool is for winter right? It’s thick and warm and keeps you toasty out skiing or playing in the snow. Wearing wool in summer just sounds crazy, you’ll end up a hot sticky mess, and OMG so itchy! This is the conventional wisdom regarding wool, but it couldn’t be more wrong! Lightweight Merino Wool is

Top 5 Outrageous Runs

Have you ever wanted to participate in a 5k? These races are not only great for your fitness, they’re also super fun and exciting. With all the new 5k runs forming you’re sure to never get lazy or bored. Here are some that woolx thinks are the top 5 Outrageous Runs. The first run will take you

Favorite Summer Memories

Summer activities will provide lasting memories. I remember leaving the house in the early morning hours and not returning till after dusk. I’d be outside all day long, things have sure changed since then unfortunately. Many kids these days stay inside and play video games all day, or actually are just plain lazy. What’s happened

Independence Day 2014

And I’m proud to be an American Where at least I know I’m free And I won’t forget the ones who died Who gave that right to me And I gladly stand up next to you And defend her still today ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land God bless the U.S.A.-Lee Greenwood