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Haunted Walking Tours

A spooky walk in the dark, or a tour through a haunted house or cemetery is sure to scare the Woolx right off you! This year take advantage of one of the haunted walking tours are available in your area. What a fun way to celebrate Halloween with friends and family. Some of these tours

In the Company of Strangers

We’d been to the west, having explored Istanbul, the gateway to Central Asia, on our way into Azerbaijan.  We’d been south, taking a southbound train from Baku to the border of Iran, allowing us to access an astonishing country with equally astonishing people.  From where we live in Baku, tracks also stretched north and northwest deep into the

Fun Ways To See Fall Foliage

Looking for some fun ways to see the fall foliage before it’s too late? There are many ways to enjoy the scenery, including on foot, bike, or by bus.  Here’s a list of fresh, fun ways for you to take advantage of the fall weather. Bike tours are not only healthy for you but can

Slurping it up with Woolx

There are beaten paths and then there are beaten paths.  The path we chose had been beaten so badly it disappeared finally into the mud.  And that was exactly what we wanted. “This weekend!” “This weekend what?” “We’ve put it off long enough,” she said.  “There’s always something that comes up that gets in the

Trektechblog Review of Woolx 1/4 Zip Top

Head on over to the TrekTech blog and read the review on the Woolx Merino Wool 1/4 Zip top in the midweight:  

Let’s Kick It Up A Notch!

    October is National Chili Month and Woolx has rounded up some great chili recipes for your eating pleasure! So grab a spoon, and Let’s Kick It Up A Notch! We definitely recommend that you use a stock pot or crock pot. You’ll want to make enough to share and have leftovers! There are

A View from the Bridge

In a clear memory I stand on a bridge, a very old bridge, and look back at Prague Castle on the high ground.  The bridge is  made of stone, hand hewn, and black.  However, this bridge wasn’t made from black stone.  Rather, Charles Bridge became black over time.  Though built of clean, washed stone, the effects of coal

Khrushchev, Planning, and Woolx

Soviet apartment buildings didn’t always win a beauty in architecture award.  Often grim and uninspiring, concrete assemblies that spoke more to modernist surrealism than any attempt to capture grace, they appealed to populations in great need of housing and a state apparatus in great need of scripting a brave new world for the new social group.  The overwhelming drive to

Woolx Boxer Brief Review does another in depth review of the Woolx 100% Merino Wool Boxer Briefs. This one is from Joe Schaffer. Read the in depth review here:

Detailed Review on Woolx 100% Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

BackpackGearTest detailed in depth review of the Woolx 100% Merino Wool Boxer Briefs. This is the test and review by Richard Lyon. Read the review here: