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Winter Road Trips

If you’re dying to get out of the house and want to escape on a road trip, you should. However making sure you’re over prepared is essential for Winter Road Trips. Stock your car with all these life saving items. Before making sure your car is fully prepared in case of a snow emergency, go

Dangerous Dan McGrew Wore Woolx

On these exceedingly crisp nights of winter when the plumes of furnace smoke from houses seem indistinguishable from the all too common strata cumulus lumps that swarm the Upstate night skies and dogs bark at the sounds of icicled branches clicking in the breeze, questions of what cold really means come to the fore.  It’s a relative

Get Your Game Face On!

It’s getting close to that time of year again…..The Super Bowl! For some of us this is a very exciting time! Not just for the game, but for the fabulous Super Bowl Party finger foods. These snacks scream….Get Your Game Face On! If you find yourself the host or hostess of a fun filled super

Fun Winter Ideas

Sick of being cooped up in the house? Most of us are this time of year. Looking for some great fun winter ideas? There’s so much you can still do in the freezing cold. With Valentines Day approaching use some of these great ideas for a date night. Before you head out for the day

Walking The Wall Dogs

Nothing like coming across a sign.  “That’s a good sign,” says your pal when you tell him you got the green light for a second date.  “Just a sign of the times,” laments mom when her daughter says she can’t live without a cell phone.  “There’s a signpost up ahead and it reads – The Twighlight Zone,” cautions

Winter Hikes

So the holidays are over and you’re starting to get stir crazy and anxious to get out. Waiting for warm weather or the sun might be a long wait. Your can hikes can be just as successful in the winter months. Gather yourself and your warm weather items and go on a Winter Hike. However,

A Civilized Sip

There are a few literary works I like to read or see as a production around the end-of-year/Christmas season (I note here that Dicken’s A Christmas Carol, now beat to death in front of audiences for decades, is not one of them).  On one end of the scale I like to dust off my copy of Samuel