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The Perfect Date

Who doesn’t love a good date?  I’ve been dating for years and always find pleasure in them.    My wife even enjoys a good date as well.  We often do dates together – but not always.  Sometimes she has her own dates and sometimes I have mine.  Either way, we have no complaints.  In this

How Well Do You Know That Ice?

With the warmer temperatures arriving sometime soon(hopefully), many ponds, lakes, rivers, etc.. begin to thaw out. This creates not only a mess but unsafe conditions. Before setting out on your hiking or biking trail make sure you know that ice covered body of water. Also being well informed about ice safety can save your life or someone

Woolx Redux

There was once a popular ad on television, an ad of not that long ago, that had to do with donuts.  Donuts, those good tasting bad boys in the round, are what I call a prophetic food.  A prophetic food is one that, if consumed in great enough quantity, will make the eater look like what’s being eaten.

2015 Polar Plunge

On March 21st, 2015 the annual Polar Plunge will be held in Upstate, NY. In the quaint, historic town of Ithaca, NY many will be running and making a big shivering splash into Cayuga Lake. All proceeds of this daring plunge into ice cold water go to the Special Olympics. What is this crazy event you

Surviving The Cold

I came across this article the other day while cuddled up in bed in warmth.  It was called ” A Weather Mans Secrets To Surviving The Cold”. This article was on point. Ironically, I was sitting in a sea of warmth and comfort due to a winter storm. They were battling the cold, extreme weather conditions with

Negotiating With The Wicked Witch

The first time I saw Margaret Hamilton as the Wicked Witch of the West I was naturally fascinated and, being a kid, a bit scared.  Maybe more than a bit scared.  In those days when the world was all black and white, my friends and I eagerly awaited the annual airing of the Oz story on TV,

Matt Heid from AMC Outdoors Gives Woolx a Try.

See what Matt Heid though about the Woolx Merino Wool Midweight 1/4 Zip top! Read the review here:  

Win One For The Nipper!

Missed it again.  Drat.  Double drat!  Every year, and it seems my track record is impeccable, I tell myself in November I’ll get to pruning those fruit trees out there before the ice and snow and the accumulated detritus of winter’s  breath get to me – before I need Woolx! – before I find myself looking out