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Slate Rocks

During the chalkboard years of not-so-long ago, before the smart board, before the laptop, when chalk dust ruled the air and made us sneeze, my young elementary school classmates and I would compete for the privilege of washing the slate chalkboard or banging the erasers together at the end of the day.  O joy!  To race with

How Well Do You Know That Hotel Room?

Spring break for most students is just around the corner. Millions of spring breakers vacation in different parts of the world. It’s the busiest traveling month of the year. And for most, hotel rooms are rented for the spring vacation. Now rest assure, a good time is had by many, however some have lasting impressions

The Woolx Perk

The percolator is plugged in again.  In a few seconds small murmurings will be discerned, murmurings that, like the small puffs of a breeze that begin at dawn along the beach, will soon swell into a series of waves crashing upon the kitchen shore.  How such a small device can voice such a powerful presence

March Is Nutrition Month

  “Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle” And this is just the right month to do so. March is national nutrition month. A month with a friendly reminder to eat healthy and maintain a physically fit lifestyle. What foods will you be eating more of or eating less of? Woolx takes health very seriously so we’ve takes a look at Woolx

Marjorie Moss from tried out some Woolx products. Read what they thought here:

Forking it Over

And thus it is that I find myself writing about forks.   I don’t know why forks have been of interest lately, they simply are.  Life is like that.  I’m not ruminating on tuning forks or knives and forks; nor a river fork or the devil’s fork.    The forks capturing my imagination represent a dilemma that tease the brain (and nothing

Common Running Mistakes

Spring running weather is just around the corner. Time to break out the good ole running shoes, and running gear. Before you head outdoors for that long awaited run freshen yourself up to avoid common running mistakes. While we know you’re eager to start running again outdoors, starting slowly will prevent injuries. Try not to

Woolx X-Plorer Base Layer Review From

Jared Hargrave from reviews the Woolx 100% Australian Merino Wool top. Read the entire review here:

Gang Way for Woolx

Boys are not boys, as the expression goes, they are more like groupies.  Two of them can cause an international crisis (I came close to that without a brother), but when three or more exist, look out.  They come together like atoms in the Super Collider and, like those scientists who are never quite sure as to the result,

Benefits Of Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year again. Time to set the clocks a hour ahead. Most dread this based on the thought of losing a hour of sleep. However, there can be benefits of daylight savings time. One beneficial benefit is your health. The most important thing. It stays light outside a little longer now. Which means