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Extreme Bike Trails

If you’ve been looking for that chance to put on your Woolx and bike, Go ahead! The snow has melted on bike trails all over. Maybe this year you’re looking for a more challenging bike trail. A trail to put fear into your eyes. Here’s a look at four Extreme Bike Trails. Let’s take a ride

Spring Sports Common Injuries

Baseball, Lacrosse, Track and Field, etc.. are popular Spring Sports. Along with the popularity of getting outside and staying fit, comes the occurrence of Spring Sport Common Injuries. A good amount of these injuries are most likely to happen when people start to become active again in the Spring. So it is very important to take

Living On The Edge

  Thunk, kick, kick, repeat. Hand, foot, foot.   One slow movement followed by the next: it’s the smallest of steps we take when we start pushing our boundaries. I moved in small increments on a safely anchored top rope, awkwardly clinging to tools but still, inching to the top.   This was the beginning

The Return of Saint Eclair

The difference between a dream and reality is all in how one views them.  A dream is a lovely thought that remains forever elusive:  swing upon a star, wish on a moonbeam, if I had a million bucks – you know how they go.   To dream is to be human while knowing that all possibilities,

Protect Yourself From The Powassan Virus

When the weather warms the dreadful ticks arise. This year, experts have identified a new tick borne disease called The Powassan Virus. This disease is new to researchers as they are still learning. However, with what they do know already, learn how to protect yourself. Approximately 50 cases of POW virus disease were reported in

A Seedy Start for Woolx-Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your positions!  Ready!  Set!  Stop!  Yes, I said stop.  This is not a road race, a 100 yard dash, or even desperate attempt to shake off winter fat.   This is a serious something-else because what we’re talking about is creating and implementing a plan.  I’ve had experience with plans all my life.

In Depth Layering Guide From Ron Reznick

Every once in a while Woolx comes across an individual with such passion about what they do that we are simply blown away! Ron Reznick is one such individual! A passionate photographer who is one of the most energetic and dedicated professional we have had the honor of working with. Ron contacted us and was

Get Some Fresh Air!

With warmer temperatures many are outside enjoying it. Runners are running by, hikers are mountainside, and bikes are pedaling along the roadways. Spring weather allows you to get back outside and enjoy your exercise again. And of course get some fresh air! Which spring outdoor activity are you enjoying? Running is among the popular outdoor Reviews Woolx

Dave Collins from field test some Woolx. Take a look at what he had to say here:

Bank On It

Security.  Strength.  Service.  My thoughts exactly as I stood on the sidewalk opposite the old bank building.  Cars and delivery trucks whizzed past as I studied the distant architect’s notion of banking and bank design.  These words, carved under the main portico of the National Savings Bank in downtown Binghamton, New York, seem to shout