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Wrecking Party

We must destroy the old in order to build anew.  This has become the expressive phrase of modernity, a phrase that is at once brave and troublesome.  Within months of each other, our town where our summer dacha is located has lost its 100 year old brick and mortar school to the wrecking ball, a public policy

Hike The Great Smoky Mountains

Looking for an adventure this summer? If you like to hike various trails throughout the U.S then you probably have either heard of the great smoky mountains ,or have conquered these massive trails with an impressive peak of 6000 feet high. If your up for the challenge for an experience of a lifetime, grab your Woolx

Runners World Turns to Woolx For Ask The Gear Guy

Runners World consulted with Woolx when a question came into their Ask The Gear Guy column. Read it here:

Campstake Blog Loved our Woolx!

See what the gang over at Campstake Blog thought about Woolx. Read their review here:  

A Puzzle With A Solution

To begin with. this shouldn’t be working.  How could it?  I mean, just stop and think for a moment.  A house on a bum foundation out in Wackersville that no one seemed to care about (except the two of us), and now the idea is to pick it up and waltz it across a field, plopping

Surprise Dad With Woolx

Surprise the outdoor enthusiasts dad in your life this Father’s Day with Woolx. If he runs, hikes, bikes, or even fishes we have the right baselayer for him to wear an enjoy. Whether he is more active in the summer or the winter we provide you with a selection of heavyweight, midweight, and lightweight. Go above

The Campsite Blog Reviews the Woolx Boxer Briefs

See what Trevor from The Campsite Blog thought about our 100% Merino Wool Boxer Briefs. Read the review here:

A Radical Move

I always love that legendary story about the football player who becomes miffed at the neighborhood kids he’s trying to play football with.  They give him such a rough time in one way or another, maybe his playing skills, tackling him with excessive force, or clothing,  that he decides going home is more fun than trying to

Does Merino Wool Protect From The Sun?

So you’re enjoying the summer month of beautiful sun , and longer days. You’re enjoying all the fun summer activities outside wearing your Woolx. Whether it’s hiking, biking, running, fishing, etc… your Woolx is getting plenty of use. Perhaps while enjoying yourself you take a brief moment to wonder Does merino wool protect from the

Escaping The Upstate Cellar

Gotta love these Upstate cellars.  What cellars?   My point, precisely.  I often think back to those heady land-grabbing days of the early Republic, along with the haste with which people both moved to the big west – New York State – and put timbers together to form all these farmhouses and barns that dot the landscape.  Some