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Keep On Truckin’

Remember when those words arrived?  Boy, I sure do.  Suddenly it became the official signing-off expression for a generation of people, mostly young, who saw it as part of the newspeak that demarcated the old generation from the new.  Music, the environment, openness about sexuality,  education, and a language that captured the feel of these changes in flexible

Kayak Adventures

Hike it, Bike It, Kayak It. There are so many ways to explore the world. So many hidden places to explore. Venture out to some places only seen by water. Before the summer ends take some remarkable kayak adventures. First stop Antarctica. Yes you can explore on foot, however so much more can be seen up

The Hiking Geek tests out the Woolx Lightweight Base Camp Line!

In June of 2015 tested out Woolx on a grueling 8 day long, 60+ mile backpacking trip in Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks on the High Sierra Trail. Read more here to find out why he was glad he had his Woolx lightweight Base Camp gear along!          

Merino Wool For Hunting Season

Hunters are anxiously awaiting the beginning of hunting season. Not only are they scoping out the best spots,prepping their firearms, and viewing their webcams, the smart ones are making sure their hunting attire is ready. Use merino wool for hunting season. Merino Wool should be all that you decide to wear this year. The material

Great review of the lightweight Woolx Mia and Outback T’s by Anywhere at Home!

Angel and Michelle, the intrepid travelers from, tested out The Woolx Mia and Outback lightweight merino wool T-shirts. Read their full review here to find out why they think “wool is the fabric of adventure”!        

Yesterday’s Child of Progress

I paused from my labours on our now relocated schoolhouse/summer dacha this past weekend to sit on the back porch, gaze out over the valley with the many acres of fully tasseled corn against the distant hills, and reflect on the speed at which this world changes.  I admit I’ve had a hand in pushing things along, just like everyone else.

Tales of the Trails tests out some Woolx section hiking on the PCT! tested out a Woolx women’s Base Camp Hoodie while section hiking part of the Pacific Crest Trail in the San Bernardino Wilderness. Read the whole review here to get a great report of the hike and find out how the Woolx base camp hoodie handled the challenge!  

Don’t Throw In The Towel

There is days everyone knows were you just cant seem to get off the couch and do your daily exercise regimen. Some days harder then others. Maybe it’s time fore alittle change in the routine, or some motivation. There is more apps and programs for you to take advantage of, so don’t throw in the

Great Base Camp Hoodie review from ‪#‎WoolxinAction‬ team member Justin Knowles!

Woolx in Action team member Justin Knowles tests out the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie for his blog Read his full review to find out why this merino wool enthusiast says “Woolx merino wool material is my favorite”. You can check out his full review on Technology Hiker here:          

A Liking For The Hard Stuff

I’ve always wondered at the immense use of concrete in this industrialized world.  The stuff is everywhere we look.  This being an automobile-driven nation, it’s impossible not to notice the vast use of concrete for highways and bridges.  Airports, waterways, dams, office buildings, sidewalks (ah, yes, sidewalks – this harkens back to an earlier blog on