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Woolx heads up’s ski trip packing list!

Planning a family ski trip? Check out this great article on by midwest Traveling Mom Andrea Guthman to find out why she recommends layering up with Woolx on your ski adventures this winter! Read the full article here to see why her kids think wearing Woolx is so comfortable “It’s like skiing in your

Woolx interviews #WoolxinAction team member and Appalachian Trail hiker Dennis Plato!

On April 28, 2015 #WoolxinAction team member Dennis Plato struck out from Springer Mountain in Georgia on an amazing adventure – thru-hiking the 2,180 mile long Appalachian Trail. Although injury forced him to cut his hike short (he left the trail in Vermont after hiking for over 5 months and 1600 miles) this epic section

The Woolx Base Camp Hoodie recommended in SNOW magazine!

SNOW magazine is all about the Base in their 2016 Women’s Base Layer article! Read the full review here to find out why they included the Woolx Base Camp Hoodie in their line up! We couldn’t agree more that “These soft basics are lightweight, warm and comfortable. Perfect for any recreational occasion”!    

Mountain Matron tests out the Woolx bottoms on a backcountry camping adventure!

Rozanne from tested out the Woolx Merino Wool midweight bottoms for women while camping in the backcountry. Read her full review here to find out how her Woolx bottoms handled the challenge!        

Trailblazer Girl features the Woolx Brooke 1/4 Zip! tested out the Woolx midweight Merino Wool Brooke 1/4 Zip for women. Read their full review here to find out why they think Woolx has “designed the ideal top with their Brooke 1/4 Zip”!          

Why we’re so Wild about Wool!

Synthetic vs. Natural, it’s the eternal outdoor gear debate. Which base layer fabric can best keep you warm, dry and comfortable while facing down the elements? With a name like Woolx it’s no surprise which side of the fence we fall on! Natural sheep’s wool was the original outdoorsman’s fabric of choice. Traditional wool layers

Woolx undergoes the Equine Journal “Prepurchase Exam”!

Equine Journal  tested out our Woolx midweights for a long underwear article in their Prepurchase Exam column this month. Check out the October print issue to find out why their tester “loved how warm this thin base layer was for both in the saddle and on the slopes!”    

Great Woolx review in the October issue of SnoWest Magazine!

Check out the October 2015 print edition of SnoWest Magazine to read their great review of the Woolx midweights for snowmobiling!          

The Woolx Daily Boxers make the cut on Zeke Kamm’s Best One Bag Travel Minimalist Ultra-light Gear and Packing List

The Woolx Daily Boxer Briefs are the number one boxer recommended on Zeke Kamm’s Best One Bag Travel Minimalist Ultra-light Gear and Packing List video featured on Watch the full video below to find out why he thinks the Woolx Daily Boxers are the go-to brief for lightweight travel and minimalist adventures!    

October’s Woolx in Action Team Member of the Month – Ilana Jesse!

Woolx scoured the globe searching for intrepid adventurers to test out Woolx gear in the most extreme conditions, we’ve assembled this group of globetrotting daredevils into the #WoolxinAction team! Every month Woolx Life will feature one of our amazing Woolx in Action team members – Meet October’s’s team member of the month Ilana Jesse! Ilana