5 Must Have Outdoor Apps Worth Downloading

Iphone Apps

iPhone Apps

Outdoor Adventures are suppose to be carefree, relaxing, and your escape from Corporate America. Many say your cell phones should be shut off or left home. I couldn’t disagree more. With these 5 Must Have Outdoor Apps Worth Downloading why would you set out on your adventure without your trusty iPhone. These apps are my favorite and worth checking out.


The Backpacker Checklist App:  Available for .99 cents on Itunes this App will prepare you for your outdoor excursion. This App is like your nagging mother almost reminding you not to forget clean underwear.  This planner comes with 250 + backpacking trip items. Save hours of typing or jotting down the list of things to do before your backpacking trip. Check/unchecked and reuse every time you go on backpacking trips. Avoid expensive mistakes and be stress free. 

The Night Sky AppSeeing the great outdoors is just amazing. But no matter where you go, nothing says outdoors more than seeing the stars at night. This app can help you spot the big dipper! For only 99 cents! Just stand anywhere and hold your iPhone up to the sky and The Night Sky will display the names of the stars, planets and other objects you are able to see, just like magic!

The All Trails App: Okay so your packed and ready. The All Trails App is available on Itunes for Free! A Must Have! The number 1 outdoor app!  Browse through 50,000 trails at either parks or locally by your home. Loaded with Photos, reviews, and Guides.  New trails added frequently by actual users

The Army Survival Guide App: Who knows best when it comes to survival! The Army does that’s who! Hence the app they came out with. You can download this on Itunes for 1.99. So Worth It! You will be dressing in camouflage and heading outdoors just to use this app. This app provides a complete reference guide on basic survival, evasion, first aid and recovery information. I’m surprised they didn’t include a portable fire starter in this app! Plants and even animal information. This app has something for everyone to keep you alive.

American Red Cross App: The official American Red Cross First Aid app puts expert advice for everyday emergencies in your hand.Available on Itunes for Free. This app gives you instant access to the information you need to know to handle the most common first aid emergencies. With videos, quizzes and simple step-by-step advice it’s never been easier to know first aid. Impress Everyone with your knowledge of first aid, Be The Superhero!

Unfortunately there is no app yet developed to tell you not to forget to dress in your Woolx before heading out, But we know our customers are smart !You wouldn’t leave home without your favorite base layer on. Your iPhone might have the best and informational apps to keep you safe out on your adventure, however it wont keep your cool, warm , or dry like Woolx will. We guarantee that.