A Day In The Life Of The Boxer Brief

Woolx Boxer Brief

In the month of August, Our Woolx boxer brief will be our featured product. So what better time then to tell you all the cool things you can participate in throughout your daily lives wearing the boxer brief. Here’s a look at a day in the life of the boxer brief.

You start your morning out right with a refreshing run. You get dressed in all you merino wool from head to toe. Of course, not forgetting the boxer brief. You know that this boxer must be included in your running apparel. It is known to provide a great run with no bunching, no moisture, and extremely comfortable.

After returning from a great workout, you shower and change into your work clothes. You put your boxer brief back on. You’re not worried about smells, or any dampness. So depending on your job title you may move alot ,or move alittle. Still no bunching or sagging from the undergarments.

Woolx Boxer Brief

Woolx Boxer Brief

The long day of work is over and your contemplating on that hike. The weather is perfect so you meet up with some friends and hike the local trail at the park. Still the boxer briefs are holding up well, more then well, awesome! You even decide to take advantage of a swimming hole along the hike. So without hesitation you jump in the water with just your boxer brief on. So versatile, you can even swim in them.

You had a long full day. So relaxing is on your mind. By now your boxer brief should be dry from swimming. So you hop into your bed of course in your boxers! Tomorrow is a new day, Perhaps in the same boxer! Why not!

The Woolx boxer brief is a product you should have in your drawers. It will outlast any other underwear you may have. So versatile in many ways. Enjoy any adventure while wearing.  No itch, tagless,4 season daily wear,light weight, and non roll waistband. The superior wicking is 30 percent faster then cotton, which means no odor! Take Woolx on your day in your daily life.