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Having Trouble Getting Fit at 50 In Week 15-17

Well this is about when most people “fall off the wagon” so to speak and slowly start to revert back to their old ways. I am no different it appears and these last few weeks I have started to slip. I’m really having trouble getting fit at 50! So what’s the problem? Well for me

How to Walk In The Rain and Stay Comfortable with Wool

I love to walk in the rain. There is something therapeutic about the way the drizzle mellows out everything around you. The trick is figuring out how to walk in the rain and stay comfortable. Though I enjoy the rain I don’t enjoy getting cold & wet. Luckily there is a great solution to this…Wool!

Getting Fit at 50 Is Getting Tough. Week 14

As I finished week 14 of my getting fit at 5o program I can see where people can start to revert back to their old habits. Now is when I have to re-trench and re-group and get back on track. I have been trying to run and my 50 year old body can’t keep up

Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx Week 14

Yes I skipped posting about week 13 in the getting fit at 50 with Woolx series. Why? Well simply superstitious 🙂 If they can exclude the 13th floor in buildings I can exclude it here. I will post the stats though below though with an alternate reference to the week. So I have been humming

Why Wool is the Best Base Layer…Video Post from Woolx

When it comes to keeping warm in all weather conditions there really is only one fabric up to the job…Wool. Many people want to know why Wool is the best base layer? Well in a nutshell Wool is really the ONLY fabric that will keep you warm when wet. Technical fabrics may do a good

Week 12 Of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx

Wow the weeks are ticking right by! Week 12 of Getting Fit at 50 (3 months!) came and went in a flurry. It was a bit off week for me as I didn’t do anything special other than what I had been doing. I have been pushing it more on the treadmill and am running

Week 11 Getting Fit at 50…Still plugging along

Week 11 of getting fit at 50 was a mixed week. I took 2 days in a row off and missed my goal both days. I made up for it though on the weekend with 2 good days and still averaged slightly over 10,000 steps a day. Not my best week but not my worse

Getting Fit at 50 Week 10…Best Ever!

Well I started getting fit at 50 week 10 off with a bang and finished strong with my best week ever.  Due to my knee injury I have moved all my walking indoors on the treadmill. This is to ease the stress on my knee while it heals. It has really helped me kick things up

A Decent Week 9 of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx!

Ok so week 9 of getting fit at 50 with Woolx was a stellar week for me. Even though I missed my 10,000 steps a day goal one day I picked up the pace and finished one of my best weeks ever! So why was this week different? Well after 2 months of walking by

Woolx Merino Wool Hoodie Reviewed on North East Hikes

I think Our Woolx Merino Wool Ultimate Hoodie is a work of art! I finally got one after our final shipment came in and I have to say it has turned into one of my most worn outerwear pieces. Of course since I helped design it I am a bit biased 🙂 So to get