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A Radical Move

I always love that legendary story about the football player who becomes miffed at the neighborhood kids he’s trying to play football with.  They give him such a rough time in one way or another, maybe his playing skills, tackling him with excessive force, or clothing,  that he decides going home is more fun than trying to

Escaping The Upstate Cellar

Gotta love these Upstate cellars.  What cellars?   My point, precisely.  I often think back to those heady land-grabbing days of the early Republic, along with the haste with which people both moved to the big west – New York State – and put timbers together to form all these farmhouses and barns that dot the landscape.  Some

Move Over, Mayfly

The usual suspects have descended on Upstate’s rivers again, a ritual as much of fly rod as of calendar.  These two- legged, often Woolx-bound creatures, seen standing like monuments in the middle of streams live by permit and bait, gypsies of the winding paths of rivers, forever seeking the perfect fishing spot.  Or parking place.  In truth,

The Best Restaurant In Town. Honestly.

There’s a trend underway that is noteworthy.  Trends can run to the good or the bad, but this is a good one.  It started some years ago and has been working its way through the economy at an ever increasing pace.  Started by those back-to-the-land types from the sixties, the idea of wholesome, honest, untainted food

Top Dog On Deck

Avast!  To the front porch!   Once again I feel the urge to walk the deck of my tight little ship and peer out across the vastness of the asphalt sea lane I live on. Spring is the season for reclaiming old territories so let’s get on with it – even if my front porch is only four feet

Springing Tricks

I wish I could wrap my garden in Woolx.  Wouldn’t that be the cat’s meow?  This thought has struck me, rather hard, as I sit before my computer checking the upcoming night temperatures.  It isn’t as if I didn’t see this coming.  There were two clear channels that telegraphed the event, neither of them cable

Salvaging Yesterday

E.B. White produced a collection of personal reflections in 1944 under the title, “One Man’s Meat.”  His desire to leave the city – New York City – manifested in the form of a farm in an obscure little coastal village in Maine.  There he kept a few sheep, some chickens, and, yes, a pig that would

The Return of Saint Eclair

The difference between a dream and reality is all in how one views them.  A dream is a lovely thought that remains forever elusive:  swing upon a star, wish on a moonbeam, if I had a million bucks – you know how they go.   To dream is to be human while knowing that all possibilities,

A Seedy Start for Woolx-Man

Ladies and Gentlemen, take your positions!  Ready!  Set!  Stop!  Yes, I said stop.  This is not a road race, a 100 yard dash, or even desperate attempt to shake off winter fat.   This is a serious something-else because what we’re talking about is creating and implementing a plan.  I’ve had experience with plans all my life.

Bank On It

Security.  Strength.  Service.  My thoughts exactly as I stood on the sidewalk opposite the old bank building.  Cars and delivery trucks whizzed past as I studied the distant architect’s notion of banking and bank design.  These words, carved under the main portico of the National Savings Bank in downtown Binghamton, New York, seem to shout