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Faking It

As I gaze out at the impenetrable Upstate NY winter I find myself both grateful and amazed.  Grateful for central heating, although it must be noted the Koreans developed radiant floor heating systems centuries ago and our house still has yet to arrive at this advanced technological level.  I’m wriggling cold toes to ward off

Wishing For Snow

Phoebe was hot.  Phoebe was fast.  She was the ticket for anyone who could catch her.  No piker, Phoebe always looked swell, all decked out in her bells and whistles for a trip to paradise. Best of all, she was a reliable date.  A steady.  Though I never met Phoebe, how I wish I had. 

Sole on Ice

“These are the times that try men’s souls,” thundered Thomas Paine in the first chapter of Common Sense.  The souls he was referring to, or course, were the American Revolutionary type, in particular those fellows who had just retreated rather ignominiously into the wilds of the Pennsylvania border country in order to escape (narrowly) the

The Doors of Imagination

Often when confronting unsettling moments our lives, we tend to think of Rod Serling and his now iconic science fiction series on TV.   The opening of his well-known Twilight Zone featured many objects including a clock, a window, and a suspended door.  This was not the first time a door was used for this purpose.

The Apples of my Eye

One of the curious features of the late autumn landscape is the abundance of untouched food.  Fields of soybeans, corn, or oats may leap to mind, but the fields of this tasty treat seem to be the last people think of.  Yet, there it is.   Or, rather, there they are.  Drive any country road in

The Beaten Path

We completed our sojourn to Maine safely by a whisker.  In the calm post-arrival moment, I find myself reflecting on this annual ritual of national mobilization.  I recall being taught something from grade school– something I now dimly remember –about the origins of Thanksgiving.  Didn’t George Washington give thanks in the woods of Valley Forge? 

Stepping it Up

Take on a house and you’ll never run out of things to do.  It’s true.  I’ve never been without one since my twenties and I’ve been busy ever since – and my twenties went out with Jimmy Carter.  In fact, it seems my life has come to be defined by a parade of houses, each