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Camping With Kids

Thinking of camping before the summer ends but too overwhelmed with the thought of taking the kids. Camping With Kids can either be a fantastic experience or a very stressful experience. Proper preparation before heading out to camp can ensure a great time had by all. First, choose a place that is more kid friendly.

End Of Summer Bucket List

The weather is still warm, even though the nights are getting shorter. If your Summer has come and gone too fast it’s not to late to get out an explore. Enjoy some last minute activities that you’ve always wanted to try ,and perhaps add some to the end of Summer bucket list. Have you ever

Kayak Adventures

Hike it, Bike It, Kayak It. There are so many ways to explore the world. So many hidden places to explore. Venture out to some places only seen by water. Before the summer ends take some remarkable kayak adventures. First stop Antarctica. Yes you can explore on foot, however so much more can be seen up

Merino Wool For Hunting Season

Hunters are anxiously awaiting the beginning of hunting season. Not only are they scoping out the best spots,prepping their firearms, and viewing their webcams, the smart ones are making sure their hunting attire is ready. Use merino wool for hunting season. Merino Wool should be all that you decide to wear this year. The material

Don’t Throw In The Towel

There is days everyone knows were you just cant seem to get off the couch and do your daily exercise regimen. Some days harder then others. Maybe it’s time fore alittle change in the routine, or some motivation. There is more apps and programs for you to take advantage of, so don’t throw in the

What Could Be Lurking In The Bottom Of Your Sleeping Bag!

Did you ever have a long day of activities and sun while camping ,and you’re so exhausted you jump into your sleeping bag? Many of us have. After receiving a pretty good bite, my lesson learned was check the sleeping bag before entering. You never know what could be lurking in the bottom of your

A Day In The Life Of The Boxer Brief

In the month of August, Our Woolx boxer brief will be our featured product. So what better time then to tell you all the cool things you can participate in throughout your daily lives wearing the boxer brief. Here’s a look at a day in the life of the boxer brief. You start your morning

Extreme Sports For Stress Relief?

Find yourself spending all your extra funds on therapy? Or going to find stress relief at a spa resort? Well… don’t be so quick to look over extreme sports for stress relief. People are now taking to rock climbing, ice climbing,hiking dangerous heights, parachuting, and more to lessen their everyday stress. The stress of most

Camping In The Heat

Camping is the number one summer excursion. Kids are off from school, you have some vacation time saved, and the weather is sunny and warm. However, the heat can be dangerous and exhausting. You must be prepared for camping in the heat. Beat the heat with these tips when you have limited sources.

Take Woolx On Vacation

July is a popular month to vacation. Many head to beaches scattered throughout the U.S. A week of relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. Warm sunshine on your face, and feet in the sand. Most packed their favorite bathing suits, and shorts and t-shirts. Well…. we recommend packing Woolx. That’s right take Woolx on