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Meet the newest members of Woolx® Team Grizzly!

  Our signature Grizzly Hoodie has been one of our best selling items here at Woolx® since day one. And it’s no wonder, you won’t find a warmer sweatshirt in the world! Made from our ultra-heavyweight 400 g/m2 premium merino wool, the flat, dense knit exterior repels moisture and blocks wind; while the brushed fleece

Introducing Fearless by Woolx®!

fear•less (ˈfɪər lɪs) adj. without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.   Here at Woolx much of our inspiration comes from people pushing their limits in outdoor adventure, extreme athletes, alpine explorers and weekend warriors alike. From the summit of Everest to an Antarctic traverse, these feats of daring are what drive our design process. We

Spring is here and with it comes the new Woolx spring lightweights for women!

We’ve had a pretty lackluster winter here on the east coast this year (thanks El Nino) and we’re definitely ready for some warm weather and sunshine! What better way to get ready for spring than by freshening up your adventure wardrobe! Now’s the perfect time to add some lightweight merino wool to your spring and

What’s That Smell?

Being a mother of 3, and with all my sons involved in sports, I come across a lot of stinky garments in my home. You’ve never smelled gross until you’ve smelled a teenager’s active wear, it’s enough to make your eyes water. Recently I had the privilege of playing What’s That Smell! It was a

Creating the Woolx Experience

For me, designing fashion-cross-technical apparel is an expression of who I am and how I relate to the particular collection, with all the complexities, needs and challenges of the brand. I guess you could say I am a hybrid designer. My need to fulfill needs and solve problems while at same time, the artist within me