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Don’t Throw In The Towel

There is days everyone knows were you just cant seem to get off the couch and do your daily exercise regimen. Some days harder then others. Maybe it’s time fore alittle change in the routine, or some motivation. There is more apps and programs for you to take advantage of, so don’t throw in the

Mother’s Day Runs

This Sunday celebrate mom in a unique way. Support her at the finish line of a Mother’s Day Run. Many women enjoy staying fit and the excitement of a great run. Some prefer the time to themselves to gather their thoughts on a relaxing run. We checked online for you and found some excited Mother’s

Spring Sports Common Injuries

Baseball, Lacrosse, Track and Field, etc.. are popular Spring Sports. Along with the popularity of getting outside and staying fit, comes the occurrence of Spring Sport Common Injuries. A good amount of these injuries are most likely to happen when people start to become active again in the Spring. So it is very important to take

March Is Nutrition Month

  “Bite Into A Healthy Lifestyle” And this is just the right month to do so. March is national nutrition month. A month with a friendly reminder to eat healthy and maintain a physically fit lifestyle. What foods will you be eating more of or eating less of? Woolx takes health very seriously so we’ve

Common Running Mistakes

Spring running weather is just around the corner. Time to break out the good ole running shoes, and running gear. Before you head outdoors for that long awaited run freshen yourself up to avoid common running mistakes. While we know you’re eager to start running again outdoors, starting slowly will prevent injuries. Try not to

Winter Hikes

So the holidays are over and you’re starting to get stir crazy and anxious to get out. Waiting for warm weather or the sun might be a long wait. Your can hikes can be just as successful in the winter months. Gather yourself and your warm weather items and go on a Winter Hike. However,

Healthy New Year Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make!

  A percentage of people bring in the New Year with toasts to a new, healthier version of themselves. Many set themselves up for a loss with the healthy New Year resolutions they make. However, failure doesn’t have to be an option. Learn how to stay fit and healthy all year round, and avoid these failing, unrealistic resolutions.

The Ultimate Pod Cast

Sue me, sue me, what can you do me?   So sings Nathan Detroit in Guys & Dolls.  Poor Nathan.  He sings his heart out to his girl who just wants him to go away (Don’t worry hopeless romantics, it has a happy ending).  Lately I’ve found myself transposing a few words to that tune, arriving at

Tips To Cut Back This Holiday Season

A belly that jiggles like a bowl full of jelly is frowned upon by most these days. It’s ok for Santa only. You dont have to fall victim to all those extra pounds this winter. There are several tips to cut back this holiday season. “Cheers” and glasses clinking are typical sounds to hear over

A Healthy Family Thanksgiving

    Thanksgiving is a time for holiday traditions. Making pies, watching the Macy’s Parade, and gathering friends and family around the table for a feast of delicious food. Unfortunately this often includes huge amounts of rich, high calorie food, and we don’t always stay as active as we’d like when family is in town.