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It’s all about the Micron!

  What makes Woolx® so ultra-soft and luxurious? Our tiny Microns do! We’re often asked how we make 100% wool garments that are so soft and comfortable. Natural sheep’s wool has been the gold standard in cold weather gear for 100’s of years, but for most of that time it was itchy, scratchy, and downright

Spring is here and with it comes the new Woolx spring lightweights for women!

We’ve had a pretty lackluster winter here on the east coast this year (thanks El Nino) and we’re definitely ready for some warm weather and sunshine! What better way to get ready for spring than by freshening up your adventure wardrobe! Now’s the perfect time to add some lightweight merino wool to your spring and

Why we’re so Wild about Wool!

Synthetic vs. Natural, it’s the eternal outdoor gear debate. Which base layer fabric can best keep you warm, dry and comfortable while facing down the elements? With a name like Woolx it’s no surprise which side of the fence we fall on! Natural sheep’s wool was the original outdoorsman’s fabric of choice. Traditional wool layers

Living out of a suitcase with WoolX

Woolx in Action team members Kim and Greg Hull tested out some Woolx Lightweight Gear for traveling while on location covering the Tour de France this summer. Read on to find out what they thought it’s like living out of a suitcase with WoolX! #WoolxinAction field report by Kim Hull: We’ve been on the road

Does Merino Wool Protect From The Sun?

So you’re enjoying the summer month of beautiful sun , and longer days. You’re enjoying all the fun summer activities outside wearing your Woolx. Whether it’s hiking, biking, running, fishing, etc… your Woolx is getting plenty of use. Perhaps while enjoying yourself you take a brief moment to wonder Does merino wool protect from the

Why Wear Merino Wool In The Summer?

If you find yourself questioning merino wool in the summer, you’re not alone. Merino wool is not just for the long winter temperatures. Many are confused on how, or why. Why wear merino wool in the summer? Isn’t it going to be too hot? Will it smell with sweat? We want to give you answers! Merino

Why Wool is a Mothers Best Friend

Being a mother of three I often ask myself looking back if I’d have done some things differently when it came to raising my kids or the products I used. My answer is Absolutely!  I consider myself a young, hip mother, so I’m not completely out of date when it comes to baby or kid items.

Why Wool is the Best Base Layer…Video Post from Woolx

When it comes to keeping warm in all weather conditions there really is only one fabric up to the job…Wool. Many people want to know why Wool is the best base layer? Well in a nutshell Wool is really the ONLY fabric that will keep you warm when wet. Technical fabrics may do a good

Layering To Stay Warm During Outdoor Activities…Video Post

One of the rules to staying warm during your outdoor activities is to layer your clothing. Layering to stay warm is probably one of the most basic rules for gearing up for outdoor activities. It allows you to have some versatility for changing weather conditions and is essential for proper moisture movement to stay dry

Nothing Beats Wool for Warmth When Wet

The outdoor active market is full of tech fabrics that make all kinds of performance promises. Many of those promises are true, some are not, but one thing none of them can claim to match is warmth when wet. Wool can absorb up to 30% of it’s weight in moisture and still not feel wet.