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Woolx Holiday Gift Guide!

December is all about taking advantage of the special adventures cold weather has to offer, snowshoeing, skiing, ice fishing, skating… With all that outdoor fun going on who’s got time to hit the mall (and who wants to)? Let be your one stop shopping destination this year, we’ve got something for everyone on your

Camping With Kids

Thinking of camping before the summer ends but too overwhelmed with the thought of taking the kids. Camping With Kids can either be a fantastic experience or a very stressful experience. Proper preparation before heading out to camp can ensure a great time had by all. First, choose a place that is more kid friendly.

What Could Be Lurking In The Bottom Of Your Sleeping Bag!

Did you ever have a long day of activities and sun while camping ,and you’re so exhausted you jump into your sleeping bag? Many of us have. After receiving a pretty good bite, my lesson learned was check the sleeping bag before entering. You never know what could be lurking in the bottom of your

Take Woolx On Vacation

July is a popular month to vacation. Many head to beaches scattered throughout the U.S. A week of relaxation is just what the doctor ordered. Warm sunshine on your face, and feet in the sand. Most packed their favorite bathing suits, and shorts and t-shirts. Well…. we recommend packing Woolx. That’s right take Woolx on

Protect Yourself From The Powassan Virus

When the weather warms the dreadful ticks arise. This year, experts have identified a new tick borne disease called The Powassan Virus. This disease is new to researchers as they are still learning. However, with what they do know already, learn how to protect yourself. Approximately 50 cases of POW virus disease were reported in

Get Some Fresh Air!

With warmer temperatures many are outside enjoying it. Runners are running by, hikers are mountainside, and bikes are pedaling along the roadways. Spring weather allows you to get back outside and enjoy your exercise again. And of course get some fresh air! Which spring outdoor activity are you enjoying? Running is among the popular outdoor

How Well Do You Know That Hotel Room?

Spring break for most students is just around the corner. Millions of spring breakers vacation in different parts of the world. It’s the busiest traveling month of the year. And for most, hotel rooms are rented for the spring vacation. Now rest assure, a good time is had by many, however some have lasting impressions

Benefits Of Daylight Savings Time

It’s that time of year again. Time to set the clocks a hour ahead. Most dread this based on the thought of losing a hour of sleep. However, there can be benefits of daylight savings time. One beneficial benefit is your health. The most important thing. It stays light outside a little longer now. Which means

Woolx Redux

There was once a popular ad on television, an ad of not that long ago, that had to do with donuts.  Donuts, those good tasting bad boys in the round, are what I call a prophetic food.  A prophetic food is one that, if consumed in great enough quantity, will make the eater look like what’s being eaten.

Surviving The Cold

I came across this article the other day while cuddled up in bed in warmth.  It was called ” A Weather Mans Secrets To Surviving The Cold”. This article was on point. Ironically, I was sitting in a sea of warmth and comfort due to a winter storm. They were battling the cold, extreme weather conditions with