WoolX Employee Experiences Archive

Woolx® Hikes Vermont!

There’s nothing quite like a winter vacation in a ski town. Enjoying a Main St. full of gear shops, charming bed and breakfasts, breweries and great restaurants, all covered in a beautiful dusting of fresh powder. After a long day on the slopes you slide your aching bones into a steaming lodge hot tub, with

ALS Bucket Challenge

If you haven’t noticed the recent overwhelming amount of social media coverage of the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge then you’ve really been out of the loop! Millions of superstars, average joes, former presidents, and now even the fabulous Woolx team have taken on the challenge! The challenge consists of donating money to ALS, videoing yourself

Woolx Hikes New Hampshire

Wool is for winter right? It’s thick and warm and keeps you toasty out skiing or playing in the snow. Wearing wool in summer just sounds crazy, you’ll end up a hot sticky mess, and OMG so itchy! This is the conventional wisdom regarding wool, but it couldn’t be more wrong! Lightweight Merino Wool is

Favorite Summer Memories

Summer activities will provide lasting memories. I remember leaving the house in the early morning hours and not returning till after dusk. I’d be outside all day long, things have sure changed since then unfortunately. Many kids these days stay inside and play video games all day, or actually are just plain lazy. What’s happened

Woolx is put to the test at the Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run!

Woolx is put to the test at the Scranton PA Dirty Girl Mud Run!   Bored of just jogging, a marathon too mundane? Why not try your hand at a new sport that’s gained popularity in the last few years. Obstacle courses and mud runs have become the go-to weekend activity for runners and fitness

How to Walk In The Rain and Stay Comfortable with Wool

I love to walk in the rain. There is something therapeutic about the way the drizzle mellows out everything around you. The trick is figuring out how to walk in the rain and stay comfortable. Though I enjoy the rain I don’t enjoy getting cold & wet. Luckily there is a great solution to this…Wool!

A Guilt Free Snowy Sunday

Finally…I can sit guilt free on a Sunday afternoon. Doing nothing but watching reruns of my favorite shows and the flickering of the flames on the electric fireplace. The unexpected snowfall on a lazy Sunday afternoon makes the perfect excuse to do nothing. After all the roads are slippery and you really shouldn’t be driving.

Santa’s on the run in Binghamton New York

Nearly 900 runners braved 20-degree temperatures to take part in Binghamton’s third annual Santa Run on December 12th. The 5K race through Binghamton’s historic downtown started in 2011 as New York State’s first Santa Race. Proceeds from the event benefit Make-A- Wish of Central NY and St. Johns School. Participants are encouraged to run in

Dog Walking and Woolx

If you have a dog you already know they don’t care how cold it is outside. They want their walk and they want it now! Snow on the ground? 20 MPH winds? 10 degrees? Rain? Your dog doesn’t care. They just give you that look that says, “Come on move it! Let’s go!” Now they

Fall…and Woolx…Is In The Air In Upstate NY

As far as I am concerned nothing beats September and October in Upstate NY. Nights  begin to be cool and comfortable but days can still be sunny and warm. 55 degrees at 6 AM on the way to work and 82 degrees at 5 PM on the way home.  The leaves begin to change, the