Creating the Woolx Experience

For me, designing fashion-cross-technical apparel is an expression
of who I am and how I relate to the particular collection, with all the
complexities, needs and challenges of the brand.
I guess you could say I am a hybrid designer.

My need to fulfill needs and solve problems while at same time, the artist within me
strives for beauty, both visually and sensually. So design and
development is a constant challenge to balance fashion with
technology, the desirable with the practical.

In my pursuit to capture the core essence that would define the
WOOLX Collection, I needed an education from my partners Joe
and Nicole Calleo to tell me straightaway “We are going to
introduce to the world the most superior 100% Merino Technical
apparel and nothing less than the best will do. Do you think you can
do this?”

So, I set my sights on learning what exactly would pass as the
world’s most superior 100% Merino or Superfine Merino? For me,
it was necessary to go back, I mean way back to the 1700’s
Australia where the merino sheep, a tricky and delicate animal calls
home. It’s all about the microns, specifically, the diameter of the
micron. A micron is a thousandth of a millimeter. The average
human hair is about 60-70 microns. To qualify as WOOLX
Superfine, our fibers need to be 19.5%microns or less. The smaller
the fiber, in essence the more comfortable against the skin.

As I write, I am smiling because I know that our WOOLX Collection is
blessed with the super-finest merino wool in the world. Our
WOOLX appeal is SIMPLE: classic looks, gorgeous to touch, natural
technical performance.

Susan Krueger, Designer WOOLX