A Decent Week 9 of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx!

A Stellar Week 9 of getting fit at 50 with Woolx

A Stellar Week 9!

Ok so week 9 of getting fit at 50 with Woolx was a stellar week for me. Even though I missed my 10,000 steps a day goal one day I picked up the pace and finished one of my best weeks ever! So why was this week different? Well after 2 months of walking by myself outside I had hit a wall and needed a little push. So I broke down and joined the local gym I was walking by every morning. I figured I was easily doing my daily walk and had improved greatly in my endurance of walking 5 miles a day. I knew a treadmill can push you a bit so I signed up and joined. 1 week in and what a difference a little nudge can make.

So when you walk outside by yourself it is easy to loaf a bit. Add to this it was dark in the morning and watching where you are stepping and looking out for ice and other hazards really do slow you down. Jump on a treadmill and the motor on that machine does not forgive. You set it to walk 4 MPH and you walk 4 MPH. It’s really bumped up my endurance in just 7 days!

Woolx Lightweight Merino Wool Top

Woolx Lightweight Merino Wool Top

Moving inside from the sub zero weather also gave me a chance to test out the Light Weight Woolx Merino Wool Top in short sleeve. Let me tell you it works like a charm once you get sweating. I absolutely fell in love with it. I wore it under a fleece and it did a superb job of wicking away the moisture keeping me dry and comfortable. It is really noticeable walking from the warmth of the gym out to the car. I didn’t have that wet, cold feeling as the Wool shirt transported the moisture away from my skin unlike cotton. I actually wore a cotton shirt one day to compare and it holds that moisture right next to your skin and when you hit the cold outside air you freeze. Once I warmed up I removed the fleece and actually wore this alone and it is by far and away much more comfortable than a cotton. Light, breathable, and no cold clammy feeling. I can’t wait for more colors in it!

Ok so enough raving about the shirt. Down to the numbers. How did week 9 go? Well here are the stats:

Week 9 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 9 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

As you can see I hit some great numbers this week. 42 miles total makes it my best week ever I think. The treadmill is really increasing my endurance and I can see a 50 mile week easily coming soon. I missed my goal on Monday but still my average daily steps were way up:

Getting fit at 50 With Woolx best week

Up over 1,000 Steps A Day

Plus as shown above a side benefit is I am more tired at night and I have been sleeping deeper and not waking up as much. I’ll get into this on another post but I hit the gym early, by 4:00 AM, and what a difference in the way I feel through out the day. Morning workouts are definitely the way to go!

So I’m back on track and am moving forward with getting fit at 50 with Woolx! Keep tuned for more updates and a weight update soon!