Don’t Throw In The Towel


Boring Workout

There is days everyone knows were you just cant seem to get off the couch and do your daily exercise regimen. Some days harder then others. Maybe it’s time fore alittle change in the routine, or some motivation. There is more apps and programs for you to take advantage of, so don’t throw in the towel!

After searching the web for the latest and greatest ways to keep you motivated we discovered a few we thought were really impressive and worth the try.

The gym day after day can kinda repetitive and boring. If your in the mood for a new workout look no further. What’s great about this workout is that its different all the time. BeFit provides hundreds of free, full length workouts available exclusively on YouTube. This site is really taking off for those who like to stay in the comforts of their own home. Work on arms one day, and legs the next. No gym memberships, no repetition. Hook up your laptop to your TV for an awesome workout.


Blend It Up

So many rush to work in the morning without time to eat breakfast.  Or many get sick of their usual meals. Tired of eggs or oatmeal? The new trend it blend it! Blend your fruits, veggies, yogurt, etc…. for a healthy breakfast on the go. This is also great for sneaking veggies into you kids diet. Adding protein powder to the blender can help you stay fuller longer.

Personally learning this the other day, this is a great motivator! Healthy rewards through your health insurance. Coupons and free gifts is a great way to keep you wanting to reach your goal. Most health insurance companies now are offering rewards for living a healthy lifestyle. The healthier you are the more perks you get. For example if you ate healthy or ran a mile or two, log into your account and keep track. After a month of being healthy you’re rewarded with money off gym memberships, athletic apparel, sneakers, etc.. You might even be able to get money off your insurance premium.

Lastly, run for a cause. If you know your run has a purpose you find yourself more available for those runs. Check your favorite charities online and see if they have apps to use to record your miles. For the miles you walked or ran, a certain amount will be donated to your favorite charity. So that dreaded exercise now turns into a good cause.

Keep being all you can be, strive to be your healthy best. When you reach a hurdle and need a boost, research for the tools to help you overcome. Stay Fit , Be Fit.