Dreaming Of Warmer Days

Stacey Dreaming Of Warmer Days


I lay on a soft mat of warm meadow grass gazing up at a pastel blue sky and watch as  cotton ball clouds drift away over head, morphing and changing shape as the wind carries them gently away. I can feel the warm spring sunshine softly caressing my skin as I close my eyes and breath in the subtle smell of damp earth and new grass. In the distance I hear the soft rush of creek water tumbling over mountain boulders being fed by melting glaciers hidden somewhere in the high country. As my mind wonders off to visit those times I have spent in those high places, my ears detect a new sound, a sound that wasn’t quite right. something that didn’t fit here. I cock my head sideways trying to figure out what that familiar sound is. A strange repetitive  buzzing that seems to be getting closer, and closer. I squeeze my eyes tighter to shut everything else out in hopes of focusing on the sound and  realize that I can no longer smell the damp warm earth, and that the grass beneath my body doesn’t feel quite right.

I roll to my side and open my eyes to a dark room, the alarm clock on the nightstand glares back at me as I reach over to silence it’s familiar annoying buzz. I close my eyes and fight hard to return to that warm spring meadow, but it is a losing battle, I am here, at home, in my own bed, and no matter how hard I fight it, it is time to get up.  Dreaming of warmer days I reluctantly rise from my warm bed and stumble through the dark toward the coffee pot.

Mountains In The Distance

Mountains In The Distance

Earlier this winter I came down with a sudden and severe illness. It was brought on by a lingering cold snap where the weather dropped into the negative temperatures (ice age) for days that seemed to drag on into weeks. Being a lover of nature, I tried to venture outside, but my work schedule made it hard to find time during daylight hours, and the freezing temperatures made it harder yet. I ventured out, but I was unable to withstand the cold for more than a few minutes at a time. That is when he symptoms began, some started randomly, some sudden, and others that  built up as the cold days drug on. 
I experienced chills, and numbness in parts of my extremities, shaking , cold feet, growing irritability, slight claustrophobia, pacing, and general intolerance. No, I didn’t seek out a Doctor to diagnose my symptoms as I already, instinctively knew what was needed to cure me. But with outside temperatures hovering around -20 and shortened winter days I feared that I might become terminal before I would find the time to be able to administer treatment. (aka ~ time spent outside, mixed with a little unfiltered sunshine, fresh air, and wild places)

Fortunately a trip to the post office one chilly Saturday afternoon delivered a cure in the form of a package from a company called Woolx. A few years back I stumbled across Merino wool socks and quickly fell in love, they are now the only type of sock I will wear, winter or summer. So in August when I heard about Woolx 100 % pure Merino wool clothing, the weather was still warm and cold winter days still seemed so far away, I was still very intrigued. Woolx offers 2 weights of Women’s shirts in two colors, and since I have a “thing” (aka phobia) about wearing Pink, I ordered a Black shirt in mid-weight hoping I would be able to wear it year round. With the package arriving in the mail, I rushed home to open it and couldn’t wait to try my new shirt on. Loving the soft, smooth feel and the comfortable, no bind fit. I decided to venture outside and see just how well this garment would preform.

Snow Covered Mountains

Snow Covered Mountains

Within minutes my symptoms of irritability and claustrophobia vanished and my general intolerance began to subside. The chills were replaced with a rapid heart rate and quickened breathing as I climbed the sage covered hill behind the house to watch the afternoon sun set over the snow peaked mountains in the West.  It was a beautiful afternoon walk and an even more beautiful sunset. I never dreamed that a single article of clothing could be such a miracle cure for what ails you. But for me on that chilly winter day, Woolx did exactly that.

I hear the beep that announces that the coffee pot is finished, and that it is time to pour a cup and begin my day.  Later as I drive to work I watch as daylight tiptoes across the snow covered mountains painting those high country glaciers from my dreams a soft Pink, and I think that maybe I should really put Woolx to the test and see if it can cure phobias as well. After all I love my Black shirt so much, maybe I should order one in Pink as well.

~Stacey L Huston

A “Focus” in the Wild