End Of Summer Bucket List

The weather is still warm, even though the nights are getting shorter. If your Summer has come and gone too fast it’s not to late to get out an explore. Enjoy some last minute activities that you’ve always wanted to try ,and perhaps add some to the end of Summer bucket list.

Have you ever tried kayaking? Too many people have not yet tried the wonderful sport of kayaking. I call it a sport based on the sole fact that you’re getting a workout. Your upper body strength will come in good use. If you don’t have a kayak you can easily rent at many parks with bodies of water. Kayak through the hidden canals to see up close and personal wildlife. Or be daring enough to conquer rough waters in fast flowing streams or rivers. Light and versatile for easy travel to any of your favorite waters.


Kayaking Adventure

While recently visiting a very popular ocean, I notice a new way of entertaining yourself while enjoying the beach, Paddle boarding. This looked daring and thrilling at the same time. Just you and a paddle board. Secure your foot with a simple strap to the board , grab your paddle and away you go. Paddle through waters soaking up the sun. Glide your way through murky or clear waters to a obsolete island. Make sure you don’t have sea legs on this adventure, you will wanna be sturdy as you can be. If you haven’t tried it yet this Summer, this is a must!


Paddle Board

Grab the family and pack up the car if you haven’t yet. Try a new vacation at some famous parks. Beach vacations are the typical family outings, so think outside of the box and go to Yellowstone Park, or The Grand Canyon. Camp out in a tent, or rent a cabin. Hike through all the beautiful trails, sleep under the stars, and capture wildlife in it’s environment. End the Summer with the encounter of a bald eagle, or be lucky enough to witness a mama bear fish for her cubs dinner.

Yellowstone National Park

Yellowstone National Park

These are just a few ideas to make your end of Summer really count. These also can be added to your next year’s bucket list. If you tried any of these fun ideas, capture it on film and tag it using #woolxinaction.