Favorite Summer Memories

Summer activities will provide lasting memories. I remember leaving the house in the early morning hours and not returning till after dusk. I’d be outside all day long, things have sure changed since then unfortunately. Many kids these days stay inside and play video games all day, or actually are just plain lazy. What’s happened to our youth? I told my kids the other day to go outside in the evening and play kick the can, they looked at me like I had two heads. That was one of my favorite summer memories. What happened to the good old summer nights?


Riding Bikes

Everyone has their own memories, but here is a typical summer day for me back many years ago. (Not that far back)! The morning sun came up, and I was out the door as fast as I could. Hopped on my ten speed, and off I went. First I had to meet up with my friends. That meant if I had to ride 15 miles to their house that’s just what I had to do! After meeting up, we would fly down the hill on our bikes and head on over to the local pool. We paid 25 cents to get in for the day! We were handed a basket and a key that hooked around our ankle or wrist. We dove, swam, jumped in, and pretended we were mermaids for hours!

The only thing that got us out of the pool was the rumbling of our stomachs. We were starving by that time! Ice cream would do just fine. Ice cream trucks were easy to spot back then, there were actually like 4 local trucks that hung around outside of the pool area. That’s where they made their money! I always faithfully got the strawberry shortcake bar. The crunchy coating on the outside is still the best thing I’ve ever tasted! After devouring our ice cream in the warm sun, we jumped back on our bikes.

Away we went! We’d often then decide to head over to the school. Our high school had a great wooded trail. After arrival, we’d head up into the woods and walk the back trails and make up the craziest scenarios ever. We had quite the imaginations! Dusk would set in and we all knew we had to check in with our parents at some point.

Kick the Can

We all rode home, checked in, and ate dinner. By then it was nighttime. Earlier, before splitting up, we’d discussed where and when we were meeting up after dark. I wasn’t allowed to travel far on my bike at night, but we definitely could meet over at each others houses. It was time for kick the can, or manhunt! I’d get so nervous hiding in the bushes at night. I believe I had a accident once in awhile. I just couldn’t bring myself to give up my hiding spot to go find a bathroom.

The night would eventually come to an end. Dragging our feet home cause we didn’t want the fun to be over. Falling asleep would be no problem due to pure exhaustion and sunburn. I would get just enough sleep so that when the morning sun shone through my eyelids I knew it was time to do it all over again! Awwwww, the summer memories!