Introducing Fearless by Woolx®!


(ˈfɪər lɪs)


Anna Pirko on Scarface, Indian Creek, UT Photo Matt S.


without fear; bold or brave; intrepid.


Here at Woolx much of our inspiration comes from people pushing their limits in outdoor adventure, extreme athletes, alpine explorers and weekend warriors alike. From the summit of Everest to an Antarctic traverse, these feats of daring are what drive our design process. We aspire to make gear that works at it’s peak performance in the most difficult circumstances. Gear designed for professional guides and explorers is guaranteed to keep the rest of us warm, dry, and comfortable; even if our own epic adventure is just shoveling the driveway before our morning commute!

For our new Fearless by Woolx® line and logo we drew inspiration from another sort of alpine adventurer, the rare Snow Leopard. These beautiful and elusive cats make their home in the Alpine ranges of central Asia.  Insulated by thick hair, they thrive in harsh, cold conditions. With powerful leg and tail muscles the Snow Leopard is a natural mountaineer, able to scale rugged cliffs and summit treacherous peaks. We wanted to create a women’s line of cold weather gear that reflected the Snow Leopard’s ability to flourish in the kinds of conditions that strike fear into the hearts of less prepared animals.


fearlesslogo-2With that in mind we created a capsule collection of women’s midlayers and outerwear that combines our incredibly warm midweight merino wool with ultra-soft micro fleece. Slip into our Fearless by Woolx® gear and you’ll feel as sleek, warm and mysterious as the beautifully elusive Snow Leopard.

Dare Nature to Stand in Your Way!



Learn more about all our Fearless by Woolx® pieces, worn here by our amazing #WoolxinAction team members, no detail was overlooked in the design.


Bryce LaDuc in the Pacific North West #WoolxinAction




Laura Catherine Edmondson, Maple Canyon, Utah. Photo by Nick Brennan

X560 Anna Funnel Neck:

The ultimate in cozy comfort, you’ll stay warm and dry all season long in the Woolx Anna Funnel Neck pullover. The body is made of our premium ultra-smooth midweight merino wool, providing the perfect insulation to keep you warm without overheating during all your favorite outdoor activities. The slouchy funnel neck, and sleeves are made from an incredibly soft micro-fleece. With features like extended thumbhole cuffs, 4-way stretch side panels and a hidden side pocket, this isn’t just a good looking sweatshirt, it’s an essential piece of performance gear for all your cold weather adventures!







Stacia Glenn on the summit of Mount Stuart.

X561 Rory ¼ Zip:

What if we told you the most stylish and flattering ¼ zip you’ll ever wear is also one of the best performing pieces of outdoor gear you’ll ever own? Don’t just take our word for it, take the Woolx Rory ¼ zip out for a spin yourself. Our premium midweight merino wool is combined with ultra-soft micro-fleece and 4-way stretch jersey to create the ultimate performance ¼ zip, you’ll stay perfectly insulated without overheating during all your cold weather adventures! No detail was overlooked in the design of this backcountry beauty.  The 4-way stretch side panels, extended thumbhole cuffs, hidden side pocket and retro-reflective zipper combine to cover all your bases during any outdoor activity. And the sporty articulated seams, luxurious merino wool and snow white fleece make this top as fashionable as it is functional!





#WoolxinAction Lindsey O’Sullivan

X565 Lexie Beanie:

 Ready to hit the slopes in your Fearless by Woolx Rory ¼ Zip and socks? Then top it all off with our gorgeous Lexie Beanie. The perfect cozy complement to our Fearless collection, this ultra-soft midweight beanie fits seamlessly under a helmet and looks great on its own. The three panels of top quality merino wool provide incredible insulation, breathability and moisture wicking to keep you warm and dry all day long. And the smooth fibers of our premium merino wool are as soft as cashmere and won’t poke or irritate even sensitive skin, this beanie is 100% itch free – Guaranteed!



X595 – Fearless Sock:x595socks_grande

The perfect complement to our Fearless by Woolx collection, the Woolx Fearless Socks are the ultimate adventure partner for your feet. The soft, spongy knit and full cushioned foot bed wrap your feet in a cloud of comfort. While the performance features of merino wool provide the insulation, moisture wicking and breathability you need to stay warm and dry in tough conditions. Don’t let fear hold you back, you’re ready to face down the elements in your Fearless by Woolx socks!




Caroline Sara Foster #WoolxinAction

Fearless Cap:

Whether you’re staring up at the summit on Mt. Rainier, or straight ahead half way through a 50K Ultra, the last thing you want is the sun in your eyes. Let the super soft and comfortable Fearless by Woolx cap keep you shady and protected. Its flattering protective brim is also there when you need during an unexpected downpour.  Fearless by Woolx – designed to perform at its peak in the harshest conditions.




Don’t let fear hold you back from life’s great adventures. You need gear as bold as the unforgiving elements. Fearless by Woolx – Dare nature to stand in your way!



Anna Pirko at Rattlesnake Point Conservation Area, ON. Photo: Peter Hoang