A fresh back to school start

Back to School

Back to School

So the kids are finally heading back to school (Thank God)! You’ve got all your back to school supplies purchased to make it a successful academic year,  but why not make it a healthy school year too with a fresh back to school start on good nutrition and wellness.

When you’re out getting school supplies here are some great ideas for healthy products that should also be on your back to school list.

Kids should always have some sort of way to replenish their fluids. Whether you buy bottled water from a store, or use a refillable water bottle, make sure that water is easily accessible for your kids, health wise it should be their number one beverage choice.  Bottled water is super convenient, but a refillable water bottle is more environmentally safe. Many parents pack lunches with the standard juice box, juice boxes not only contain a lot of sugar but can really add up in your expenses. They also never really quench your child’s thirst. Fresh cold water at lunch and during class is a cheaper and healthier way to go.

To my amazement a pedometer was on this years back to school supply list. The gym teacher is now requiring them. Kids actually think they are pretty cool to wear too. Pedometers encourage kids to keep moving throughout the day as much as possible. Kids learn better with physical breaks in between their studies, and I think teachers are starting to recognize this more. Keeping fit will now be counted towards a grade, which I think is a great start to a healthier way of living.

Lunch time doesn’t have to be so complicated anymore, even for picky eaters. Most schools provide a menu for the month. Have your kids pick out the days they wish to buy lunch, then for the remaining days plan a healthy lunch to bring. There is a huge range of choices for lunch boxes in stores today, the current go to lunch box is the new Bento lunchbox. Bento Boxes are divided into sections for fruits, vegetables and whole grains. They’re dishwasher safe too! It sure beats the old shove everything into a brown bag and hope your sandwich isn’t smooshed by lunchtime!

Bento Lunch Box,


Nothing says back to school more than the inevitable colds and flues brought home to the family shortly after the school year starts. Welcome back germs!  As much as you try to encourage hand washing, lets face it kids don’t do it as much as they should. Providing hand sanitizer can help eliminate some of these lurking germs. Many sanitizers even come in convenient little travel bottles that hook right onto backpacks. Encourage your kids to use them after bathroom breaks and before lunch time, and especially after the occasional sneeze or cough.


Clippable Hand Sanitizer


Start the new school year off on the right foot for you and your child.  Make it a memorable and a healthy year with some of these fresh new products. A happy, healthy child makes a happy parent!