Fun Fit Dates

Many of us forget how important dating is. When going out with your loved one make things spunky, and keep your marriage or relationship alive and fresh. The new trend for dating is Fun Fit Dates. Woolx has a few great date ideas that are guaranteed to provide fun as well as maintain your healthy lifestyle.

Why not take advantage of the beautiful summer nights. A bike ride is not only romantic but a great fitness activity. I’ve been noticing a lot of people have those beach bikes. They look like fun! Pack a backpack with a blanket and some snacks. Ride to a local park and have a picnic.  Many parks have great nature bike trails for you to take advantage of.

Bike Riding

Bike Riding

Set out for a star gazing night. Hike to a fun safe area and pitch a tent for the night. Just the two of you engaging in nature’s sounds and sights. No need for a expensive hotel for the night. Research the best camping spots or take advantage of your own land. Hike those calories away on the way to your destination.

Taking a boat ride can be a calming experience. Paddle a row boat or canoe on your date. Relaxing or Fishing, either way you’re  getting a work out. This fit adventure is guaranteed to put a smile on both of your faces.

Romantic Boat Ride

Romantic Boat Ride

Think golf is not active? Think Again! You and your significant other can easily cover some miles participating in a 9 hole course! Ditch the golf cart and walk it! Challenge each other, make it a competition – Loser buys dinner.


Night Swimming

Night Swimming can be so romantic and fun. Swim with suit on or off, your choice. Paddle away under the sunset. I prefer a body of water where I can see the bottom. Play an active game of cat and mouse in the water. You’ll be wondering why you’re so out of breath. Swimming is a great total body work out, using both legs and arms.

When stumbling upon ideas for date night, why not decide on a fun active date rather than an usual dinner, or a movie. Get up and Get Active! Your relationship counts on it!