Getting Fit at 50 Is Getting Tough. Week 14

As I finished week 14 of my getting fit at 5o program I can see where people can start to revert back to their old habits. Now is when I have to re-trench and re-group and get back on track. I have been trying to run and my 50 year old body can’t keep up with my mind which wants to think I am still 30. Progress has slowed but I have to realize this is normal and kick things up a notch. It’s easy to get discouraged though.

I was really off this week and it was one of my worse weeks ever. Only 33.5 miles of walking or running. Missed my 10,000 steps a day goal 4 days. Once you start slacking off you can go downhill fast. Part of it is the weather is finally breaking and a couple of days in the 70’s make it easy to skip that hour workout. Back to my no excuse policy and realizing it’s only 1 hour a day. So here are the disappointing stats for week 14:

Week 15 of Getting Fit at 50

Week 14 of Getting Fit at 50 Stats With UP By Jawbone Wristband

So with that disappointing display of activity I am going to crawl off to week 15 and try to get back on track. No excuses policy is back in effect!