Getting Fit At 50 With Woolx…Week 4

Getting Fit at 50 Outdoors

Nothing Beats The Outdoors

So 4 weeks of getting fit at 50 with Woolx under my belt and this week, week 4, was my best week ever! Once again the upstate NY weather was all over the board. Temperatures for my walks ranged from -5 below one night to 25 above. Most of the week was right in the 20’s so not too awful cold. Of course with my Woolx along it doesn’t really matter what the weather! I didn’t miss my goal of 10,000 steps one day and I am actually on a 12 day streak right now. I am going to shoot for a 30 day streak so hopefully nothing comes up that will stop me.

Before I show this weeks walking stats just a couple observations I have made since a I have started walking. It’s really only been 27 days but I can feel some major differences already.

  1. I have lost about 7lbs.
    Part of this is from my change in Diet and part from walking. I am sure this small weight loss is part of some of the below observations also.
  2. The walking is getting easier.
    I find that I am picking up pace and not even thinking about it.
  3. Back pain I had is pretty much gone!
    I am sure part of this is from the weight loss but I am sure part is from walking also. This was big as the pain I was getting would wake me up at night occasionally. Now it is all but gone!
  4. I sleep better.
    Much better! That fresh air and exercise makes me fall asleep longer and sleep deeper.
  5. I’m enjoying the outdoors.
    I didn’t realize how much I missed being outside. Up until a few years ago I was pretty active outdoors. It’s nice to be back!

So here are my walking stats for week 4:

getting fit at 50 week 4

Week 4 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band


biking will help with getting fit at 50

Biking Coming Up As Soon As The Weather Breaks

Now I have to start working my pace up and try to hit about 4 MPH, which is a 15 minute mile. That’s my next goal for February and with spring coming up it will be time to break out the bicycle once again. It’s been sitting in my shed for a couple years and I really miss riding it. Will be a nice addition to the getting fit at 50 program. Until next week…get up and get walking!