Getting Fit at 50 Week 10…Best Ever!

Well I started getting fit at 50 week 10 off with a bang and finished strong with my best week ever.  Due to my knee injury I have moved all my walking indoors on the treadmill. This is to ease the stress on my knee while it heals. It has really helped me kick things up a notch as that treadmill can keep you from slouching off. It was a pretty uneventful week so I will jump right into the numbers. I now have something to work towards beating!

Week 10 of getting fit at 50

Week 10 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

51.1 miles walked in week 10. I can tell you right now there is a slim chance I will top that in week 11. This has been a bad week for walking. I missed my goal 2 days in a row. I have been a bit under the weather this week and have some sort of flu bug. It slowed me right down! I will have to see what the weekend brings and maybe I can catch up a bit.

Biking With Woolx Week 10

Biking With Woolx Week 10

The weather this week broke for a couple days and got into the 50’s before turning back into single digits so I broke out the mountain bike! It was about 51 degrees so I threw on my Woolx Zip Neck and it performed perfectly at this temperature under my safety lime fleece. The right base layer can mean the difference between a miserable day and an enjoyable day.

I love biking and am fortunate to have miles of trails within a couple minutes of my house. My UP Fitness band doesn’t do a good job of tracking that so I will be on the lookout for an app that will better measure my bike rides. I rode about 5 miles and the UP Band only showed about 1.8 Miles. This is due to it tracking steps. When you bike your steps are greatly reduced as there is a lot of non-movement of the legs.

I hadn’t rode my bike in awhile so it felt good and I am really looking forward to that once the snow and ice is out of the woods. I’ll map some of my rides and share them here in case anyone is interested in some great mountain biking in Upstate NY!

Thanks for stopping by and remember to get up off that couch and get moving!