Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx…Day 24 Time For A Weight Update

Getting fit at 50. Withings scale for weight tracking

I Use A Withings Wireless Scale

The end of month one of my getting fit at 50 program is coming up so I thought it was time to share how the changes I have made have affected my weight. I have been very good at making sure I hit the 10,000 steps a day, though some days I just make it. I’ll get back from a walk and check my steps and see I am 700 steps short. I’ll mumble and do one more lap around the block but I get it done!

I also have been doing pretty good on eating more sensible. Again my goal on this is to make a sustainable lifestyle change and it is pretty challenging. I refuse to say a diet as most diets are not sustainable. Once the diet is done and you hit that goal most people shoot right back up in weight. That’s because the diet was not sustainable for the rest of your life! Pretty big commitment there.

So before I get to the weight I did hit a nice milestone yesterday. 10 days of hitting 10,000 steps in a row! That’s over 100,000 steps in 10 days. Considering I probably didn’t walk that in a month prior to this commitment I feel pretty good about it. Here is my 10 day milestone:

Getting fit at 50 10 Day walking streak

10 Day Streak As Measured with UP Wrist Band

I am going to shoot real hard for a 30 day streak! It’s going to be tough but I am going for it.

So now for the weight. Here is my weight statistics since I started. I used a Withings wireless scale that sends my weight directly to my smartphone and it works great. It also records Body Fat composition, Heart Rate, and CO2 levels. I have yet to figure out why CO2 levels but I’ll get around to looking it up. So here is the weight data:

Getting Fit at 50 with Woolx Weight loss progress

24 Day Weight Progress

So in the last 24 days I have lost about 7lbs. In February I am going to step it up a bit and try to get my walking speed up to a 15 Minute mile. Once I can maintain that for a month I may start jogging for part of the walks. Again the key is not to get carried away and try to do too much to fast. I am easing into this and hopefully by July 4th I will have hit my weight goal of losing 25lbs. I am contemplating joining the Gym I walk by everyday to do some weight exercises. Again one step at a time!

So there is an update as the month end approaches. It’s been very cold in Upstate NY this year so the walking alot of these days was in -5 to 2 above temps. I really force myself out there. Thank God for my Woolx! I wouldn’t have made the 10,000 steps on quit a few days without it. Proper gear can make all the difference. Look for my Getting fit at 50 with Woolx…Week 4 post next week!