Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx Week 14

Yes I skipped posting about week 13 in the getting fit at 50 with Woolx series. Why? Well simply superstitious 🙂 If they can exclude the 13th floor in buildings I can exclude it here. I will post the stats though below though with an alternate reference to the week.

So I have been humming along nicely and am making solid progress on the running side of things. It is definitely work but I think I will be able to run a 5K in July. I actually was able to complete a 3.1 mile jog on the treadmill but it was tough. The good news is a month ago I couldn’t even jog 1 mile! So progress is being made. Here is the stats from that run:

First 3 Mile Treadmill Run

First 3 Mile Treadmill Run

I’m not going to win any races with those times but it’s nice to see the progress! My goal is a sub 10 min/mi for 3 miles. Hopefully in the next 4 weeks I should be there.

So here is week 14 data. I had a record day this week on Saturday with over 20,000 steps! That was a 12 mile day.

Week 10 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 14 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

It was a good week and I was just shy of 50 miles! I took Friday off after the Thursday 3 mile run as I really pushed to accomplish that and decided to let the muscles rest. I made up for it on Saturday though.

Here are the stats for week 12A.

Week 12A Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 12A Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

It was a pretty good week also with a 17,000 step day on Thursday. Seems like I like to push it on Thursdays..must be the promise of the weekend coming!

The upcoming weeks should be great. The weather has started to break and the sunshine and warmth encourages me to take longer hikes. Time to really break out the lightweight Woolx. Stay tuned for some updates on my weight and how that is coming along. I may have to revise my goals a bit on that area of my program. Thanks for stopping by and taking a look!