Getting Fit At 50 With Woolx…Week 3

Getting Fit at 50 with Woolx

Snowy Week 3

Well the weeks of Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx are rolling by. Week 3 was a pretty good week and I only missed one day of hitting my goal of 10,000 steps a day. Of course that day was Monday. After that I had a 6 day streak.

The weather cooperated pretty good and was very mild with temperatures above 30 most of the week. I used the mid-weight Woolx during the above 30 degree days. Towards the end of the week though it dipped down into the 20’s so I switched to the heavyweight Woolx for a couple of walks and was glad I did.

So how did I do? As always here is this weeks data of my walking activity:

Getting Fit at 50 Week 3 Data

Walking Activity Measured with UP Wrist Band

So I have made steady progress and have increased my distance each week:

Week 1 – 21 Miles
Week 2 – 33.5 Miles
Week 3 – 37.1 Miles

I will let you know that if you are thinking of starting a walking regime that it is quit a commitment. In the 3 weeks since I have started I have only blown off the walking 1 day. I fell short by a couple thousand steps a few days but I did walk at least 3 miles everyday. You do have to force yourself sometimes…especially on those -2 below days when the wind was howling.

I have noticed though that when I walk it is getting easier and my pace is picking up. Currently I will average about 17 to 20 minutes a mile.  Hopefully by the second month of this I can get up to 15 minute miles which is a brisk pace of 4 MPH. Of course snow and ice slow you down but clear, dry days it should be doable. Here is the data from one of my brisker walks:

Getting Fit at 50. Shoot for a 15 minute mile

Need to pick up the pace

So how has all of this been working for me in the weight loss area? Well I’ll show you my weight data for the last 3 weeks in my next post!

Thanks for taking a look at Getting fit at 50 with Woolx week 3! Let’s see what week 4 brings!