Getting Fit at 50 With Woolx…Week 5

Fit at 50 isn't easy when At -6 below you breath freezes on your clothing.

At -6 below you breath freezes on your clothing.

I made it through week 5 and it was a brutal one weather wise. Most of the week was single digits with 2 days hitting subzero…-2 below on one and -6 below on another! Makes getting fit at 50 a challenge. I didn’t miss a beat though and hit my goal of 10,000 steps, about 5 Miles,every day!  After a break from sub-zero weather over the weekend it looks like another snow storm is moving in then right back to single digit temperatures after the storm. The snow and ice really slow you down with walking. I just gear up with my Woolx though and won’t let it stop me! The picture to the left shows me on the -6 below day. Your breath freezes on your clothing as you exhale. That is after just about 20 minutes of walking.

For these cold mornings like this I put the Woolx Neck Gaiter on and pull it up over my mouth and nose. I then pull the Woolx Balaclava over that so I essentially am breathing through two layers of face protection and I find this works very well. I can easily walk 5 miles without any issues with this double layer setup. When it is this cold it is essential to cover all exposed skin.

The break in cold weather over the weekend allowed me to do a Hike up to Newtown Battlefield State Park. I did a blog post and a nice video on the hike. You can see it here.

So how did I do on week 5? Well I was down 1 mile from week 4 overall. Here are the walking stats for week 5:

Week 5 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band

Week 5 Walking Stats Measured with UP Fitness Band


I didn’t do much gains but I am holding steady. I have another fitness project I started on Sunday and I will post about it if I continue to go forward with it. Something to pick up the pace a bit but I need to make sure this 50 year old body is up to the task 🙂

So in closing I was pretty happy with Week 5 considering the cold weather. The Woolx Merino Wool made it practically effortless though. Warm and dry in all the temperature ranges. I couldn’t have made the walks on those sub-zero days with sub-par base layers that is for sure.

Also the month of January came to a close and I have all my stats for that month and I will post those later this week. A nice month end summary post. It was pretty enlightening how much more active I have become in just 4 short weeks. Thanks for taking the time to check in on my progress and enjoy a few pics from this weeks walk below!