Getting Fit With Woolx…How to Drink 8 Glasses of Water A Day

No More Diet Soda

No More Diet Soda

Everything you reads says to drink a minimum of 8 – 8oz glasses of water a day. My fluid intake was absolutely atrocious! My routine consisted of one 20 oz diet soda I would slowly consume from the time I left the house in the morning until lunch. I would then consume another one from Lunch until about the time I got home. Once home more diet soda would follow. Loaded with caffeine I wasn’t doing myself any favors. I tried drinking water several times and just couldn’t figure out how to drink 8 glasses of water a day. I knew if I was going to proceed with this lifestyle change and become healthier this was top on the list. It proved to be a bit more challenging than I anticipated but after only a couple of weeks I was drinking almost 16 8oz glasses of water daily and not even thinking about it! Here is how I quit drinking soda and switched to water.

First off don’t make the same mistake as I did and just cold turkey the caffeine. I did and actually had to start over and wean myself from the caffeine. The withdrawal effects of this are very real. I had headaches and actual nasua from the combination of flooding my system with water it wasn’t used to and eliminating the caffeine all at once.

CamelbaK Eddy 1 Liter

CamelbaK Eddy 1 Liter

Start by going and buying yourself a 1 (one) liter water bottle. Drinking 2 (two) of these a day is your goal. A liter is 33.814 ounces so 2 of these will put you slightly above the 8 glasses a day mark. It’s easy to measure and simplifies keeping track of how much water you have consumed. I purchased a CamelbaK Eddy and it proved to be perfect. It’s a sipper bottle which is what you want and it is 100% leak and spill proof. You can throw it on the car seat or in a bag and not have to worry. Once you got that out of the way a bit of willpower is all you need.

Start off by alternating soda and water. On your first day for every sip of soda, make your next sip water. Try to get through the day and don’t worry about drinking the 2 liters of water. You have to wean off that caffeine. On day 2 for every sip of soda do 2 or 3 of water. On day 3 try not to drink more than 16 oz’s of soda and you should easily be able to drink 1 liter of water. I would say by day 4 you can now trash the soda and force those 2 liters of water down. It was a struggle for me but after about 1 week I was having no trouble drinking 2 full liters of water a day.

3 Sodas a day cost article. It will surprise you.

3 Sodas a day cost over…read article. It will surprise you.

Benefits of drinking water and not soda.
First off we know it’s way healthier but since when does that make us change our habits. Let’s start with something that hits us all hard. $$$$$. Yes water is virtually free if you use tap water like I do and soda is expensive. Buy one in a mini mart and you can pay over $2.00. Crazy! Yes you can buy soda on sale and not pay near this so I will assume $1.30 per bottle, which is probably below average assuming brand name products are purchased. Lets look at the cost of three 20 oz sodas a day over a year:

Average yearly cost: $1.30 x 3 a day = $3.90 per day. Now times 365 days = $1423.50

In case you didn’t see that:  $1423.50. For that much money you can buy that CamelbaK water bottle and all the Woolx Merino Wool Underwear you would need to get outdoors, get active, and get fit!

So now that I have your attention with something we can all understand lets get down to the real benefits of drinking all that water:

  • Water helps you lose weight.
  • It helps maintain healthy Kidneys.
  • Reduces the chance of Kidney Stones.
  • Helps prevent constipation.
  • Prevents dehydration which causes fatigue and low energy.
  • Helps maintain a Healthy Heart.

I could go on and on and you can Google and read all you want on this but in the end you can’t go wrong drinking lots of water. Is there any drawbacks? Well there is one:

  • Frequent Bathroom trips.

I do find myself in the bathroom A LOT, and I mean a lot more than before, so that just goes to show how poor my fluid intake was. So a little more planning on trips and stuff is required but this small trade off is well worth the benefits.

So get going on this…no excuses. Depending on how much soda a day you drink you could save thousands and be on your way to a healthier lifestyle. I am easily drinking 4 liters of water a day now without even thinking about it …and it only took me about 2 weeks to develop this habit!

Thanks for reading and on my next post we will take a look at something that is proving a bit more difficult for me…cutting sweets out of my diet to a healthy level. This is proving a bit more challenging 🙂


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