Getting Fit With Woolx…Week 2

Rainy Walk While Gettting Fit With Woolx

Rainy Walk

Well I just finished week 2 of getting fit with Woolx and though the weather was all over the place I managed to do pretty good on my walking goals. I missed walking Monday Jan 6th due to a power outage and honestly I just blew off Wednesday and ate a half a pizza. You are going to have off days and I made up for it by walking extra on Thursday and Friday. I have been doing good staying away from the sweets though so that is making a big difference. So how did I do? Here is my walking stats from last week. My daily goal is 10,000 steps a day which is right around 5 miles:



Getting Fit With Woolx Walking Activity Measured with UP Wrist Band

Walking Activity Measured with UP Wrist Band

The weather was crazy and I walked in temperatures from -2 below with wind chills of -20 below to 52 degrees above. The Woolx performed wonderfully and kept me comfortable and dry through all of the temperature swings. Once you wear a quality base layer like this you really don’t want to be outdoors without it. The difference in comfort is unbelievable.

Woolx 100% Merino Wool Neck Gaiter

Woolx 100% Merino Wool Neck Gaiter

One item I was really impressed with is the Woolx Neck gaiter. The versatility and comfort added by this simple clothing item made the biggest difference in comfort and I wore it on every walk. For me this is a must have item. On the super cold days I pulled it up over my face for added wind protection. The nice thing about this item is if it happens to warm up a bit as the day goes on it’s easy to take off and stash in a coat pocket. Super comfortable and versatile this made all the difference in comfort during all my activities.



So how did I do on some of my other goals. Let’s take a look.

  • Drink 8 Glasses Of water a day
    So far I have been doing great on this. Drinking virtually no soda and on most days I am drinking 4 liters of water which is about 16 glasses a day!
  • Eliminate Diet Sodas.
    Been doing really good on this. After a rocky start I am drinking hardly any diet soda at all and miss it very little.
  • Walk or exercise every day
    Not bad! Blew off one day only
  • Eat a sensible breakfast.
    I have eaten something for breakfast everyday. Nothing fancy but have some food before heading out. Some days an English Muffin, some days some fruit but no donuts or sweets!
  • Avoid sweets.
    Not to bad. Still can’t resist a mini candy bar if I see one but all in all I eat very little.
  • Eat sensible and healthy foods.
    Again not to bad. I did binge on Pizza on Wednesday but other than that my diet is greatly improved. I’ll be sharing some weight stats shortly and I am on a downward progress!

So for me week 2 was a success. I need to step it up a bit and start adding some exercise sessions to the walking. Maybe in a week or two. Again I am easing into everything and not rushing. At 50 we don’t bounce back like we used to and I don’t want to be stopped dead in my tracks by an injury!

Thanks for stopping by and taking a look at this weeks Getting Fit with Woolx update. Look for my post coming up of my Sunday 4 mile hike in Two Rivers State Recreation area and my weight stats of how that battle is going. Enjoy the below pics of some views from this weeks walk.