A Healthy Family Thanksgiving

shutterstock_224254396    Thanksgiving is a time for holiday traditions. Making pies, watching the Macy’s Parade, and gathering friends and family around the table for a feast of delicious food. Unfortunately this often includes huge amounts of rich, high calorie food, and we don’t always stay as active as we’d like when family is in town. However, it’s not too late this year to have a Healthy Family Thanksgiving.

Taking the focus off of food, here’s some fresh fit ideas to make sure you won’t be wearing elastic waistbands for a few days after.

Participate in your towns Turkey Trot walk or 5k. You’ll burn some extra calories before the big day’s food indulgence. Make the food coma less painful! Take the kids to the race too, this will establish healthy traditions with the younger ones. Sass up your style, and make the trot fun with a turkey shaped hat, or run with a festive apron on.

Turkey Trot

Turkey Trot

Running’s not your thing? Head outside for a intense, family football game. Girls and Guys combined, battle it out outside with the pigskin. This might be your chance to accidentally hurt your siblings! The family football game can provide hours of calorie burning fun, and the great laughs make great memories.


Family Fun

Too cold fro an outside game? (All though we would recommend Woolx Base Layer) Then stay inside for a competitive Wii game. This is really fun, especially the dance off! Watch your grandma or grandpa get down to the latest hits on the Wii game Dance Off. This is a great way to burn those extra calories you just inhaled at the table. Zumba on the Wii also can be a great workout as a family. Shake that extra slice of pie off.

Or head for the mountains for a Thanksgiving Day Hike. Grab your Woolx and walking sticks and take the family for a scenic hike. Breath in the fresh air mountainside while you burn the extra helping of mash potatoes off. Try to hike familiar trails at local places, or nature preserves as many people hunt on Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t forget about Fido! He loves going for walks with the family. Let him smell all the delicious aromas around the neighborhood. Although Fido shouldn’t be burning off Thanksgiving calories because he shouldn’t be having any. No passing of scraps underneath the table! Turkey can make your pets very sick, and they can choke on the bones.

What are some of your holiday traditions, and what traditions are you planning to switch out with healthier options this holiday season? Woolx wants to know!

Gobble, Gobble, and not till you Wobble!