Healthy Game Day Favorites

So you’ve just gotten back from the high school football game, now it’s time to sit back, relax and watch your favorite NFL team play. But before you get comfortable make sure you have snacks ready and available for you and your guests. What’s a game day without your favorite game day snacks? However, these delicious treats can be super unhealthy. Never fear, with a few small changes you can make these snacks a little less of a guilty pleasure. Cheer on your team with these healthy game day favorites!

Your game day menu should always have a chicken wing on it, well at least according to the average man. But you can make that chicken wing healthier and just as delicious. Try baking it rather than frying. Despite your worries of a soggy chicken wing this is not a problem, baking creates a crispy skin as well. If you really want to knock the healthier version out of the park, bake it and remove the skin. You’ll still have a delicious, moist drum or wing. Top it off with your favorite sauce and your favorite dip. They’ll be begging for more!



Let’s make some Nachos! Start off with a baked tortilla chip. Now here’s the fun part, load your nachos and don’t stop. But here’s the catch, load them with healthy choices! You can still top them off with a low-fat cheese and dollop of sour cream. Marinate some peppers in olive oil and garlic overnight, use red, yellow, and green for an array of colorful goodness. A delicious black bean can be your meat, they’re packed with protein. Don’t be stingy on the salsa either. Before you know you have a plate full of flavor and crunch!

The newest craze is hummus. It’s just mashed up chick peas, but what you can do with hummus is endless. Add red pepper for a colorful hummus with a little sweetness, or how about a green olive infused hummus? Garlic and olive oil make a statement. However you choose to tweak your hummus for game day it’s sure to be a touchdown of a winner. You can serve your hummus with different vegetables, crackers or a thin pretzel. You will be fighting back friends for this healthy dip, and your body will say thank you!

Variety of Hummus Sides

Variety of Hummus Sides

And of course, avocado is invited to the party. Healthy, creamy, and a must have for game day. How you choose to serve it is up to you. Go-to Guacamole, mango-avocado salsa, or even an 7 layer avocado dip. Fresh guacamole can be topped on a game dog, or a juicy burger to kick it up a notch. A traditional 7 layer dip made up of hamburger, lettuce, salsa, cheese and more can be switched out for beans and guacamole.



Impress all your friends this year by making these great dishes. They won’t even know they’re eating healthy! And hopefully they will leave with a belly full of delight and a great win for their favorite team!