Healthy New Year Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make!



A percentage of people bring in the New Year with toasts to a new, healthier version of themselves. Many set themselves up for a loss with the healthy New Year resolutions they make. However, failure doesn’t have to be an option. Learn how to stay fit and healthy all year round, and avoid these failing, unrealistic resolutions.

Try making a realistic goal of weight loss to start off with. To start with a goal of losing 20 pounds is a common mistake. Try setting smaller goals. Aim to loose a pound a week, or even a half pound. You will be sure to succeed with proper diet and exercise. You will fall off track obsessing about not loosing 20 pounds that you wont focus on the small goals you’re achieving each day.

Diet fads. The utmost failing resolution of all. Drastically changing your eating habits to the new diet fad that’s circulating the internet or magazines. The new diet of no meat, or no dairy can be unhealthy for certain individuals. By just sticking to a simple goal of eating a better well balanced meal proves to work well. Whole grains, fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins are a balanced diet. And remember by treating yourself to a sweet treat occasionally can prevent in over indulgence of sweets. Included in the diet fads are juice cleanses. Weeks with just juice to drink is a unhealthy way to loose weight. Instead,try a mini juice cleanse for just a day or two.shutterstock_130470383

Saying goodbye to all your go to candy or cookies might not be the best thing. Depriving yourself of something that you were once use to results in overindulging. Small treats occasionally are often acceptable. Health professionals are recommending 80 percent healthy daily intake and 20 percent a less healthy snack.

Setting goals to workout everyday at your local gym is a no no. Try setting smaller goals by working out 3 days a week ,or even just getting more cardio into your day by walking stairs or partnering up with friends for some fun workouts. You don’t have to start hard core with your exercising. Ease into a newer healthier lifestyle with easier exercise goals. Small 30 minute interval workouts are just as effective for weight loss.shutterstock_157660148

Bring in the new year with a new fit, healthier, happy you. Unleash your inner beast to do your best at smaller changes, not big huge goals that are difficult to keep. You will only be hungry and angry at yourself for failing. Bring in 2015 with a goal to change your lifestyle for life, not a temporary fad. Happy New Year from Woolx.We look forward to providing you with only the best! Cheers!