In Depth Layering Guide From Ron Reznick

Every once in a while Woolx comes across an individual with such passion about what they do that we are simply blown away!

Ron Reznick is one such individual! A passionate photographer who is one of the most energetic and dedicated professional we have had the honor of working with.

Ron contacted us and was doing an article on layering for his photography website to assist other photographers on dressing properly for long days of photography in the field. Be sure to check out Ron’s website which contains thousands of some of the most beautiful photography we have ever seen.

What followed was one of the best documented and informative write ups on the subject of layering we had ever seen! We here at Woolx are proud to have had Ron include us in his testing.

Read Ron’s Layering Guide on his website here:

Thank you Ron for your in depth write up on the subject. It is sure to help many people stay comfortable on long days in the field!

Ron Reznick Layering Guide

Ron Reznick Layering Guide