Labor Day

shutterstock_187281470Labor day marks the last day of summer for most. Kids go back to school, pools close up, and the summer outfits get packed away. But not before a last outing or traditional picnic to celebrate the holiday. Labor day is celebrated on the first Monday of September. A United States holiday to celebrate the American Labor Movement.

Whether your heading out for a local parade in town , or packing up the car to head up to the lake house for one last weekend, sadly it marks the end. The end of late night bon fires, fruity cocktails by the pool, and spontaneous road trips to undetermined destinations. It’s almost as the streets get quiet.

But on the brighter side!, it means fall is coming! hoodies, football, pumpkin flavors, leaves, and of course the most important of them all, school is back in session.

So grab your flags, put on your red, white, and blue, an end your summer with a bang!  And of course have a safe, and Happy Labor Day from the Woolx Team.