Layering To Stay Warm During Outdoor Activities…Video Post

One of the rules to staying warm during your outdoor activities is to layer your clothing. Layering to stay warm is probably one of the most basic rules for gearing up for outdoor activities. It allows you to have some versatility for changing weather conditions and is essential for proper moisture movement to stay dry and warm.

The base layer is the first layer of clothing and is worn directly next to the skin. It’s hard to beat Mother Nature and Wool is one of the best fabrics for base layers. You will want a premium 100% Merino Wool Base Layer like Woolx Merino Wool. With a premium brand like Woolx you will experience no itch, can wash and dry without special care, and have no worries of odor unlike synthetic fabrics. So how should you layer?

  1. Start with 100% Merino Wool next to your skin. Choose a weight that fits the weather and your comfort zone. This is your base layer and will provide your first layer of warmth and facilitate the transportation of moisture away from your skin. Once you get wet you get cold. This is what cotton is no good for a base layer in cold weather.
  2. Over the merino wool base layer you can now place a technical fabric like fleece or another heavier wool garment. As you sweat the merino wool base layer will pull the moisture away from your skin and transports it to this layer where it can disperse and evaporate keeping you dry.
  3. If the weather is snowy or wet you will want to place a moisture barrier over the second layer to block wind and moisture. Choose the proper level of insulation in the outer garment depending on the weather and activity level. The more active you are the less insulation you will need.
  4. Add layers as needed depending on weather, temperature, and wind chills. Remember it’s best to over layer as you can always remove excess layers if you get to warm.


layering for warmth

Layering Makes For A Comfortable Winter Walk

Wool is the only fabric that retains it’s insulating properties even when wet. This is another reason to choose wool as your base layer. Even if you sweat excessively your wool layer will still keep you warm even when wet. No other fabric has this property. Wool also doesn’t retain odors like synthetic fabrics.

So by layering up you can stay warm, dry, and adapt by shedding layers as the weather changes. With the proper clothing you can enjoy the great outdoors no matter what the weather. There is nothing as peaceful as a snowy winter walk. The tranquility and beauty that you can’t really appreciate until you get off the couch, gear up, and get outside!