Living out of a suitcase with WoolX

Woolx in Action team members Kim and Greg Hull tested out some Woolx Lightweight Gear for traveling while on location covering the Tour de France this summer. Read on to find out what they thought it’s like living out of a suitcase with WoolX!

#WoolxinAction field report by Kim Hull:



We’ve been on the road in Europe for almost six weeks and have rarely spent more than one or two nights in the same hotel. In that time, we’ve visited six countries and just finished shooting the Tour de France.

Temperatures have ranged from warm in Rome, to cool evenings in Zurich and the mountains of France. But mostly, it’s just been hot, with many days reaching 40° Celesius/104° Farenheit.

Clean clothing was in short supply.

How are we dealing with it? A bit of shopping for a few new items and, you guessed it… doing laundry in the hotel sink. The problem with the sink method is that it is very humid in France and cotton won’t dry by the time we leave the hotel the next morning.

The best solution we’ve found is something most people don’t think of for warm weather – WoolX.

WoolX summer shirts are lightweight, cooler than cotton, and wash & dry in a hotel better than anything we’ve found.


Cannes along the Croisette


We recently spent a rest day in Cannes. After a day of activities along La Croisette, Greg gave his WoolX shirt a washing in the sink with a bit of shower gel.


He then hung the shirt up to dry. Within a couple of hours, the shirt was ready to go and we were on our way to our next stop – shooting in the Haute Alpes. index2

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