Merino Wool For Hunting Season

Hunters are anxiously awaiting the beginning of hunting season. Not only are they scoping out the best spots,prepping their firearms, and viewing their webcams, the smart ones are making sure their hunting attire is ready. Use merino wool for hunting season.

Merino Wool should be all that you decide to wear this year. The material provides benefits from head to toe. Start the fall hunting season in more of a mid weight switching to heavyweight for those frigid mornings in the tree stands.

Stench no more! Rest assure if you make the switch to merino wool your hunting clothes can be worn without holding smells. And smells are kinda a big thing in the hunting world.

Keep your head and neck warm with either the neck gaitor or unisex woolx hat. The unisex heavyweight hat is extremely warm but lightweight. In a beanie style for that tight comfortable fit. No bulging or puffiness here just a thin sleek design that packs powerful warmth.

The woolx base camp tee in a lightweight, long sleeve is great for that extra warmth under your favorite sweatshirt or to just wear on it’s own. Just the right amount of warmth for the first fall huntings. Wear it hunting then meet up with your family for Sunday Brunch. If you enjoy a hood try the base camp hoodie. Versatile for hunting and wearing out running errands in jeans.

Woolx Base Camp Hoodie

Don’t think we forgot about your undergarments. The difference between your everyday worn boxer brief ,and our woolx boxer brief is the thin, non wicking material. This boxer can be worn for days and wont hold odors. In my book that’s a win. A stinky undergarment is sure to ruin your hunting experience.

Woolx Boxer Brief

The best thing about the merino wool is it’s machine washable. If you decide to wash, which no need to after a few wears, you can do it at home. No dry cleaning needed. You can simply rinse and it will air dry quick enough for your next hunt.

Enjoy the upcoming hunting season, you’ve waited for! And hunt this year in comfort with Woolx. Show us your prize, #woolxinaction.