November’s Woolx in Action Team Member of the Month – Travis Sipe!


Woolx scoured the globe searching for intrepid adventurers to test out Woolx gear in the most extreme conditions, we’ve assembled this group of globetrotting daredevils into the #WoolxinAction team! Every month Woolx Life will feature our amazing Woolx in Action team members. To celebrate the opening of November hunting seasons, this month we’re featuring two of our team members, hunters and outdoor enthusiasts Travis Sipe of Duck Wild Waterfowl and Marti Davis of Marti Davis Afield. First up is Travis Sipe – We of course asked him to fill out the official “WoolxinAction Questionnaire”, read on to delve deeper into the mind of a waterfowler extraordinaire and extreme brand Ambassador!


I was fortunate enough to shoot the beautiful Specklebelly goose during a late-season goose hunt.

Travis was born and raised in Small Town, Kansas, USA. Every aspect of the outdoors has been a primary part of his life from day 1. Waterfowl hunting is his passion, but he spends over 200 days a year pursuing everything from Turkeys to Rainbow Trout. In 2011, Travis started his own hunting company called Duck Wild Waterfowl. Through Duck Wild, he produces hunting products, advertises for a few great companies such as Woolx, and occasionally guides Waterfowl and Turkey hunts. Not only a hunter, Travis is an all round outdoor enthusiast, as he says “The outdoors is a part of my livelihood, but it is more than that to me. Beautiful Kansas sunrises make the long days and restless nights worth every second of hard work”.

Favorite Woolx product?

My favorite product right now would have to be the Explorer ¼ zip, but I look forward to using the heavier gear during the upcoming duck season.


Where would you live if it could be anywhere in the world?

I would stay right here in Kansas. You get to experience the extremes of almost every weather condition and the outdoor experiences are endless.

sunrise at the bottoms

Sunrise during the Kansas Teal Season. Picture by Mason Putman.


What’s on your bucket list, any big adventures that you dream of undertaking?

I would love to go hunt Elk in the Rocky Mountains or hunt Red Stag in New Zealand.


What’s the longest you’ve gone without sleep and why?


On this hunt we shot a Barnacle goose right here in Kansas. These geese are native to Greenland and winter in the Netherlands so it is an extremely rare species to harvest in the United States.

The longest I’ve ever gone without sleep is probably in the ball park of 36 hours. Sometimes it’s tough to sleep before the opening day of duck season!


What’s your favorite outdoor memory?

My favorite outdoor memory would have to be my first turkey hunting with my Dad.


What’s your favorite food, or the best meal you’ve ever had?

Locally raised beef with a side of homegrown asparagus and potatoes.


Do you have a favorite animal?

I’d have to say that my favorite animal(s) would have to be dogs and more specifically labs. There’s just something about a good duck dog that brings a smile to my face.DSC_0016


What motivates you to keep going when the going gets tough?

I personally just don’t like to “go through the motions” with anything in life. So when the going gets tough, I just work that much harder.


What is your favorite time of year and why?

track pic

Quick snapshot during an indoor 400 meter race. (Travis is on the far right)

Late fall is my favorite time of year. The anticipation and preparation of the upcoming waterfowl season can at times be more exciting that the season itself.


Do you have a personal hero, or heroes who inspire you?

My parents, grandparents, and several coaches are all people that I look up to, and look to when making important decisions.


Check out Travis’ YouTube channel Duck Wild for an inside look at the Duck Wild Waterfowl experience:

Thanks Travis! You can follow along with Travis and this years duck season with Woolx on Twitter and Instagram @Woolxwool. Check in later this month to learn about the adventures of fisher, hunter, conservationist and outdoor enthusiast Marti Davis!